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About me and my 4" penis


AH. I just measured my Girth by putting a rope around my thickest part of my dick (bottom) and got 4.75” what the hell, my length (4”) is shorter than my Girth.. Makes my dick look so weak, fatty weak.

chuck, did you ever realize that you surely have a talent to make yourself feel miserable for no reason at all ?
Darn don’t do weird checks and comparisons.. It’s not worth it.. Why go through the hazzle? Your dick will grow anyhow.. It’s proven (well not scientifically, but you know what I’m on about).
Now go use that heating lamp and do whatever exercises you feel are appropriate..
Recheck your stats in 2 weeks MINIMUM (a month is way better).

This will keep you from a) overdoing it and b) feeling bad for no reason at all.. Rome wasn’t built in a day.. So wasn’t your dick. Just get started and see what you will gain from it :)

She said you had a small dick huh? Well just remind her of what Tom Arnold said about his soon to be ex-wife, Roseanne, when she said very publicly that he had a little dick - "Hell, even a 747 looks small when you put it in the Grand Canyon". START: 2004-12-06 EBPL 6.70" BPEL, EG 5" CURRENT STATUS: Full Healing Break (Plasticized ligaments need time to heal -- Beware the rotating manual stretches ;) ) 2005-01-07 EBPL 7.68", EG 5" GOAL: EBPL 8.5" (ENBPL 7.9"), EG 6"


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