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About me and my 4" penis

Thanks for the info guys, it was really helpful. I didn’t even know such thing called phimosis and now I can do something about it. If I can correct it, then it means more size to my penis and it won’t even hurt when my penis 120% erect. I might as well not circumcise, who would want to anyways if it won’t even increase dick size. But god, my case is so rare and you all gave me a lot of input to discover this. So happy.

Does it mean I get access to steriods? Is there a AKA for that drug? Can Vitamin E creme do better? Recommend ? Where can I get that stuff? Sav ons?

I started with the manual stuff and did it for a year. If I had a chance to do it over I would start with hanging for length then work on girth. I lost some of the girth while hanging but I’ll return to it after I get the length I want. Just my advise, good luck and it does work!

Chuck is that 4 inches bone pressed? Also what is the girth? There are some people who especially like small penises, I believe I’ve seen plenty hang out at ? I think thats what is called, good luck.

BEFORE 5.75 EL 4.8 EG Vagina Length Database

NOW 32yrs old 8.5 BPSL 7.75 BPEL 5.5-5.75-6.25* upper/mid/base EG 5.0 BPFL glans tip 5.0 FG shaft Hang, Stretch, Jelq, Pump, Clamp

Goal 8.0 EL 6.0 EG Asian - Thai 5' 10" uncircumcised

In all the reports that I’ve read in my life about guys doing stretching and jelqing, I was always jealous of the guys with short penises, who got great results in such a very limited time period. So I know that jelqing or stretching or hanging can make a lot of difference (most of the times) for small guys.

I really hope so, and I’ll become one example and raise it to 9” :P I doubt 4 can get to 9 though. Can someone explain what


Nice abbreviations that I don’t even know. I’m gonna work on expanding my skin hole because it’s a problem. I have to just stretch it using the steriod or Vitamin E cream? How bout Vitamin E oil?

Erect Length

Erect Girth

Bone-pressed Length (measuring your penis, by pressing ruler against fat pad.)

Flaccid Length

Flaccid girth

Does anyone know where (in what type of store) could I buy an IR lamp?

Erect length

Erect girth

Bone pressed erect length

Flaccid length

Flaccid girth

And what is Fat Pad? Measuring it from the top like below your stomach?

chuck - take a few minutes to read the first thread in the Newbie Forum. It contains links to useful and helpful threads, including one that explains the abbreviations. Also read the Forum Guidelines about posting style. This isn’t a chat room. No need to rush or abbreviate your words (you not “u”, your not “ur”). Thanks!

I’ve been reading about these lamps, apparently in health shops, such as pharmacies & also sports shops you can purchase these. I think the main purpose of them is to heal muscles through sport injuries so if that sounds like a place near you, you should give it a shot. IMO they will be more common in places like these rather than electrical retail stores.

I got my IR light from Home Depot. Tell them you need a heating lamp because the employees have no idea what a IR light. One other bit of advice, don’t measure every week. Measure maybe once a month. If you measure frequently it sometimes feels like there is no progress. And don’t do PE inconsistantly! Keep with it and it will work.

When you see NBP that is Non bone pressed (measuring by just touching the skin of the fatpad and not pushing into it).

Edit: Oops, I now see your post about where the abbreviations are westla. I sometimes glance over a thread too quickly.

To get an IR bulb, go to you’re local hardware store and look in the bulb section. As for the lamp, you may have to shop around for it depending on the bulb wattage that you use. You may also try medical supply stores or pet stores for IR lamps.

More Info in this thread : Some infrared heat observations

Or do a search on IR lamps/bulbs.

Progress Tracking As of 01/01/05 : 6.5 BPEL x 5.25 G As of 04/08/05 : 6.75 BPEL x 5.25 G Short Term Goal : 7 BPEL Long Term Goal : When a trip to china and getting on the great wall means hopping on my member


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