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What you described is actually one of the methods I know of for learning to achieve MMO (multiple male orgasms),
Getting head, but when she keeps her tongue moving around the head and leaves the frenulum alone. Keep this up for 15-30min or more and it gets very intense, keep breathing with deep stomach breaths. The more you do this and manage to achieve those intense non-ejaculatory orgasms, the better you get at it and the easier it will be to achieve during regular sex. It’s really amazing stuff!

Guys I missed this thread…but I would like if we find a final point
about the question kegels/ and reverse kegels.
My point of view is:

1. Kegels have the effect to pump more blood into the penis, they seems useful
for having better erections. If I masturbate, while kegeling I note that the penis
becomes more engorged. I can use also during jelq to enhance the effect of them.

2. On the other side, kegeling hard while masturbating leads me to
be so engorged …that I feel the urge to ejaculate. It seems to be a little different
when I have real sex with a partner. I had good experiences in this case.
I kegel with medium force, from time in time, and I can go well. I have tryed to
do a strong kegel on the point of no return, and it has worked very well. So…
I think it’s a different sensation masturbation and sex with a partner.
It’s a different energy (IMO). A different goal. Different results.

3. I have tryed to use reverse kegels while masturbating.
A reverse kegel, for me, is to push the bc muscle down, far from the prostate.
Is not only relaxing. You must feel the muscle which goes down, at your command.
Put a finger on the zone and feel it.
Kegel: the muscle rise towards the prostate.
Reverse: the muscle goes down with force…
You agree?
Doing this kind of reverse, I can avoid ejaculation for how much time I want.
I think many of you have done this, and it works.
When I am tired, I kegel for a little and I come.

4. I have read a possible reason for this is that:
Prostate is like the G-spot of men.
So kegeling, it tends to put pressure on prostate
and it gives the sensation of orgasm…while reverse kegel
it makes more distance between the penis and the prostate
and the effect is opposite.I would like to have your opinion.

5. Now I am curios to delineate a good use of kegels
and reverse kegels. I believe on the board we are many
many people, and we can find a final point of the question.
What I would like to know?

A. what are the physical-chemical reaction of the body
to a routine of kegels (for example some people says
that kegeling forms DHT: true or false?)
and which reaction to a routine of reverse kegels.

B. which is the best way to train the muscle!
I mean, if I assume that while I reverse kegel, I can last
more during sex, does it makes sense to have a routine
of kegels? Of for example, it could be better to have a
routine of reverse kegels, during the day?

C.Or, maybe is good to have a routine of kegels during the
day, and use the reverse kegel for the best control during sex?

D. Or, is possible to have a routine of alternate kegels/reverse kegel?
Does it make sense to train the muscle in both the directions?


Any of you have an opinion?


I am a thread killer! AH AH AH



Thanks for the advice. We tried it!! It works!! It truly is amazing stuff!! I may give up ejaculating altogether!! Lol.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg



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