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So by what mechanism can a non-contracted BC muscle increase the erection strenght?

Originally posted by base
True, in a way, but if you fatique your arm, the original strenght will not come back in days.

Well, you’re talking about a considerably larger amount of muscle tissue. The BC muscles (one from each side interwoven around the penile bulb) are only about a big as your two thumbs together. They do recover after being fatigued to prevent ejaculation. Here are some more sites about male multiple orgasm:

At one time I had a link to the text of this book, but can’t find it now. The technique is fully explained.

Originally posted by magnumforce

So by what mechanism can a non-contracted BC muscle increase the erection strenght?

I’m not sure I understand your question. Do you mean non-exercised muscle or non-contracted? If the muscle isn’t contracting then it has no effect on the erection.

I know. I just had to criticize your comparison. Sorry. :D
Thanks for the links.

I think he means with what mechanism does bc muscle increase erection strenght without voluntarily contracting? As I understood correctly, you don’t know the answer to this and don’t know if anyone does… But I’ve personally, in first-hand experience, noticed that it works and a lot of similar experiences have been reported.

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."


This is my first post and I wanted to begin by saying how much I appreciate your in-depth posts on the BC muscle and its improvement through the Kegel exercise process. This topic has been one of specific interest to me as I can really see the benefits of improved musculature and circulation in the pubic area where the penis is ‘anchored’ in effect to the body. I’m in my early fourties and certainly have interest in improving/prolonging erectile health.

I note your recommendation of performing 100 1-3 second Kegels per day as good exercise routine for the BC muscle. My thoughts on an optimum BC exercise routine are derived from previous (limited) knowledge and experience in muscle development through weight training combined with information gained from the many intelligent individuals on this forum. Particularly, the information/opinion provided by I believe - Uncut4big - with his recommendation of performing a 3 set exercise with set one being lower rep warm-up, set two a longer fatigue inducing set and the third set being the greatest in length/stress.

I don’t know how this philosophy would apply to the non muscular components of PE ie. tunica or lig growth/stretch but it seems to me that it applies quite significantly to Kegels which involve the BC ‘muscle’. The other point as made by Uncut4big is that rest days are essential for increase in muscle strength and size. This of course suggests an every other day or three times a week approach.

This rather lengthy prelude sets the background for my question which is simply - what are peoples thoughts on an ‘ultimate’ approach or routine to BC muscle development/Kegels as it applies to PE in general, erectile health and sexual function and performance.

For what it is worth and based on the above thought process, my current routine for Kegels is every other day 3 sets. Set one is 50 kegels of app. 3 seconds followed by a 20 second squeeze/contraction. After about a one minute break, I do a set of 90 kegels again 3 seconds each and 20 second squeeze/contraction after each 30 kegels. Again a one minute break followed by the final set which is the same but with 120 kegels. By the way, I usually do these in the car during commute time and find the breaking of counts into 30s helps keep track.

Westla, do you think this is overkill. Please note that I have never felt sore from this routine and did build up to it over a 6 week time frame. As I recall Uncut4big mentioned something about Kegeling to almost the point of muscle failure and I would also be interested in the specifics of a Kegel routine he recommends and certainly that of yourself and other vetrans.

The reason that it will give harder erections is due to the exercise itself. If you think about why too much cycling creates erection problems (due to the sitting position), you would understand that the sexual power originates from a sacred spot in the man. It is located near the BC muscle area. Anatomically this region is like the vagina in a female. When you are having sex, if you press right below your balls where those muscles are located (half way between anus and under your balls), you will have increased sexual pleasure.

So when you practice those muscles, you will be drawing more energy, heat to that zone. You are awakening that zone by the work out.

I only know this much, and this may not be technical or medical enough an explanation.

tooco19 - Welcome to the forums. Thanks for your first post and for putting your location in your profile. Same to you cheatah.

There are many suggested routines for Kegels. I guess how you do them depends on your current situation and your goals. My suggestion is probably more of a maintenance program than one to increase the size or strength of the BC muscles from a state of not ever having exercised them.

Unlike skeletal muscles of the torso, arms or legs, these muscles do not have to be huge to do an impressive job. No one’s going to evaluate you on the size of your BCs. Elaborate routines for exercising them are not, in my opinion, necessary. Working the BCs is an adjunct to PE. It’s a side benefit that all men should consider. It won’t give you a bigger dick, but it will make the dick you have work better.

Thanks for your reply Westla. It makes sense that different types of muscles respond differently to applied stress. Also, the Kegel exercises involve simple contractions without an external weight, then there is obviously a limit to size and strength gains. It seems then that an ongoing toning/maintenance routine as you suggest is appropriate. Since beginning PE 6 weeks ago, I do seem to have more ‘awareness’ and ‘control’ which has enhanced performance and satisfaction during sex. I certainly credit Kegels with a significant amount of the credit. Will continue maintenance routine but am still wondering about an every day versus scheduled rest days approach.

Thanks again.

With almost any muscle training routine rest days are important. Perhaps an every other day routine would be better than a daily one. How about 300 3 second reps every other day? It’s really up to you. If you do an Internet search for “men + kegels” you’ll get lots of suggestions. You can pretty much to what you want, of course. Try it different ways and see how things turn out, then settle into the routine that works best for you.

Multiple Orgasm ? You can reach that by training the BC ?

How does it FEEL ? And what have I got to do to maybe experience that myself one day ?

Did you follow the links in this post above? Also, you can do a forum search (button at the top of the page) using “multiple orgasm” as the keywords and sort in ascending order (bottom right of the search page) and you’ll get the older posts on this subject, including this one which has some interesting information.

Thanks Westla, very interesting informations, I ll try to manage the multiple thing,
I imagine it might be difficult for me, I m not an overly patient person…

But did you or any other of you guys experience it and would like to describe the
FEELING you get, do you feel like flying, or is the skin painful when touched afterwards or whatever, I d like to at least imagine the big multiple boomer myself !

The feeling I get is an intense wave of what can best be described as a “pleasurable burning” flowing from my lower abdomen into my groin. You have to stop stimulation when this happens or you’ll ejaculate. Timing is very important in multiple orgasms and I’ve failed more often than I’ve been successful. The text of this book used to be online (illegally, of course - copyright infringement), but the book itself is relatively cheap. The author explains the techniques very well. Or you can search the Internet for “multiple male orgasm” and get more information.

Hi, I’m new to the forum and this is my first post,

I’ve been doing alot of researching and experiencing in Kegels, multiple orgasms and of course PE,
and from what I’ve come to understand…

Kegels strengthen and develope the PC muscle, this will also form more and better blood flow to the genital area which aids in erections. With sex however, I find that kegeling will actually make you blow your load faster, and I believe this is because the fatigue of the PC muscle is what triggers ejaculation. Therefore if you can strengthen this muscle with kegels, and then learn to keep it relaxed during sex, it will not fatigue as quickly and you will last as long as you want, then when you wish to ejaculate, sqeeze the PC and you will find it amazingly pleasurable and cum shortly after.

When it comes to multiple male orgasms however, these are different from what we’ve learned to experience from an ejaculation. I’m still new to this, and have only experienced this a few times, what I would describe as a full body eroctic almost trance like experience, which even after it’s over can last over an hour after like your floating on a cloud. What men are just now learning is that ejaculation and orgasm are not the same, our ejaculations which are still very good because they include a partial orgasm which leads to the ejaculation physical reflex. What true multiple male orgasms are is learning to experience the orgasm and let it move through our whole body (like women who are luckly enough to naturally acheive them easier.) This orgasm can then last for like 15min straight up to like hours, and it’s what tantric sex practices are based on. So if we can train ourselves to not just go for our known several second ejaculatory orgasm, we can experience and reach sexual extacy for hours. Now of couse this is easier said then done, and it takes alot of work and intent, but that’s my goal, to be able to reach that state in every sexual experience, not only because you can rock a girls world, but it’s one of the most amazing experiences in life!

I may post some more on the subject if you guys are interested, my first experience with MMO was a technique where you don’t even touch your penis at all, it just uses breathing and kegeling. It blew my mind how I could have and erotic experience without even touching my penis or having an erection! This experiencing is important though, because you need to experience it this way before you can achieve it from your penis without the ejaculation reflex kicking in.

What are your guys’ experiences with Kegels and staying power? What have you noticed? What do you do to last longer?
These reverse-kegels are new to me (other than for peeing), but I have read of the technique of trying to pee during sex to delay ejaculation. But if reverse-kegels are simply to keep the PC relaxed, then why not just focus on relaxing the PC rather than trying to FORCE relaxation?

Sean Jacobs, Nordkapp, Westla,

A few weeks back I posted a thread I described as a “Whole Body Orgasm,” a first for me. Let me share here what I experienced. I woke up with a woody and we started to make love, and she gave me a full body message, then began to rub my penis very gently, (with my instructions), all around the head, especially the top. She did it very very gently, never touching the frenulum, for probably ten or fifteen minutes. At times, the feeling was so intense, I wanted to tell her to stop, but I didn’t.

Suddenly I started to have an orgasm, but not intense, very light, no ejaculation, and then it got more and more intense, like waves, which I felt throughout my whole body—it probably lasted about a minute or two. She’s the one who usually moans and groans when we’re making love. Man, was I flying high that morning. I had never experienced anything like that. We have tried it again since then, but although I have had similar “orgasms,” they weren’t as intense or as prolonged as that morning.


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