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about jelquing !!! need some help

about jelquing !!! need some help

Hey guys ! I’ve started PE in 16 September , and now im doing the newbie routine a little improved :

-5 hot wrap
- 10 min manual stretch
About 15 /20 min jelquing i do about 250 - 4 second moves , and this is my problem .. i don’t see the head getting bigger or anything like that , it just gets a little red and sored . I do it like they say in the PE FAQ with a variation , at the end of each move i hold my head so i can really reach the base of my penis with my other hand and they i go all the way down again and hold it and so on , i though this out so i don’t get the baseball effect. I jelq as hard as i can but i can feel any difference after a workout . I do 2 days on / 1 off . Am i Jelquing correctly? By the way i do about 100 kegels and i cant really hold them i must have a week Pc muscle ,…how many kegels should i do? and when can i start doing other routines? any response is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Do you have enough blood flow during your workout? In order for the head to get bigger, you need blood to work with. I usually jelq at about 60-80%. So, during your PE workout, think about sex, trees, or whatever turns you on, so you can get enough blood to work with.

And for kegels, I do quick clenches, and I’ve noticed some improvement. Also, If I kegel with an erection, I’m able to hold them longer. You could try that.

Good points stroker.

Also look at your grip, are you gripping tightly enough, experiment with different grips, maybe an overhand ok jelqing down. Jelqing is about trying to cause minor damage to your penis if it feels like a massage and your penis doesn’t feel any different at the end then you are not doing it hard enough. Don’t take it to the extreme here either or you could cause an injury!

Everytime I make a new grip, I apply loosely kegel and grip tighter forcing more blood through but you should be careful with this too until you’ve conditioned your penis thoroughly.

Picking up on strokers first point, early on its difficult to jelq with a 100% erection. If you are so erect you cannot push in when you grip you are too erect.

i jelq at about 60% /

i just feal a little sored in the glans after my workout ,.am i doing enough strokes? what other kind of grips can i try? Thanks

The soreness sounds normal.

You are doing a good amount.

Just experiment with grip tightness and positioning and see what works best for you. Grip rotation can make a big difference as can using an overhand ok. Try gripping a little harder see if thats better.

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