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??? about Capt's Wench. Please help.

??? about Capt's Wench. Please help.

Hey everyone, I have constructed the Capt’s Wench to the letter except for one lacking ingredient. I can not find the “Grippers” that were mentioned. I have tried both Home Depot and Walmart. It would probably be more helpful if I knew what these were commonly used for. I can’t tell the guy in the orange apron that this is for the comfortable squeeze of my penis. I just can’t.

The only thing I could find were “sliders.” These are designed to place under heavy objects so that they can be moved more easily without scratching the flooring. Not the same thing. I have also found felt here. Again, not quite right. Please help.

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Hmmm…. perhaps someone will find one and get the name of the manafacturer as well as the bar code/model number for you? I never made one of these things, but I do believe people found the parts at Lowe’s or Home Despot.

Hopefully Captain will see this and give a shout out of all the stuff you need with brand names, etc…..

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Check this thread for alternative Gripper ideas/supplies:

The Captn’s Wench: Supplies

Also, do a search using just the word “Grippers”. The Captn’s Wench thread should show up among the results. Click on the thread. Now, when you browse the thread (which is very long) the word “Grippers” will be highlighted in red. This will make it easier for you to find out what and how people resolve this issue.

For the record, the grippers I use are made by “Waxman” - that is the company name. If Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes, or some other big store doesn’t carry them - ask that they start carrying them. Have them order them for you.

I apologize for your trouble. The grippers have long been the weak link in this homebrew’s chain.

Do a web search for “Waxman Grippers” and find out where you can buy them online. I’m pretty sure you won’t find them for sale at Waxman’s site, they only sell to distributors.

And Deaf, yes, the Grippers are for placing under heavy objects so they don’t slide on the floor; like a piano.

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Do you have a Lowe’s near you, I couldn’t find them at Home Depot but Lowe’s had a whole section in Hardware

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Dino is right, check Lowes not Home Depot.

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They are at Wal-Mart.

Twat, you haven’t constructed a Wench yet? I’m ashamed.

I do have a Lowes close to home. The Home Depot is close to work. I will check tomorrow. Thank you all for your support and responses.

Another question, you mentioned that you recommend using a “sure wrap” under the velcro during application. Can I get more info on this? I though I saw a link about it being some kind of magnetic therapy wrist brace. What do you think of using cotton webril. It’s a roll of sheet-like, easily tear-able cotton that I use at work for padding under casts to treat fractures. Thanks.

It is ok to live in the "now", but never fail to plan for the future.

Yeah they didn’t have the rectangles at walmart. So I got the circles which are 1.5” in diam. I cut off .25 from every side giving me a square 1”x1” (bare with me I can’t describe this too well). I then joined up the two squares to got a 2”x1” rectangle and used that.

The way I described it to the wal mart person was that they we’re the “things you put on the bottom of chairs or tables to prevent scratching of the floors but with grips instead of felt sliders”

I would get erasers!

Interesting idea, using erasers. I did get them and now I have it with me and constructed. But I am away from home so have another problem. I think I read in the instrucions to use a wrap. Is that so? I do know that after trying it without a wrap, it wasn’t comfortable at all. It actually felt like it slipped down the shaft and started pinching one side of my glans. Any recommendations?

It is ok to live in the "now", but never fail to plan for the future.

I think the information you are looking for is in the hangers forum.


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