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A week in and feeling results

A week in and feeling results

I was very skeptical about the whole PE and what many of the claims I have read. Let me tell you thoe, after just a week into it, there are no drastic changes in much, but things don’t happen over night, and I’m the first one to understand that. I have noticed thoe, after just a week of doing this, that it feel much heavier in both the flaccid and erect state. I have also felt a great increase in sensation threw out my whole penis. I’m guessing because of the better blood flow I’m getting down there. I know I have along way to go with only being in the “game” for a week now, but anyone who has any doubts about things should try it or stick with it and I’m sure you start to benefit from it. I know in just a week so far it has made me a believer and the sky is the limit on how far and how long I want to take things.

I remember that feeling redryderfx4. It was only a couple of weeks ago for me. And it really does feel thicker and fuller and more solid already. Has it got the more vascular look yet? I have my monthly measure due in a couple of days, then I’ll know for sure if there are any gains. But the quality of erections and appreciation of all things penile is worth the month’s learning and PE. I do feel that the sky is the limit too. But another little inch or so would be icing on the cake to this.

I like the heavier feeling of the hang effect as well. I have noticed a great amount of build up in the veins. It has the great angry look!

I’ve only been going 4 days, got an erection and grabbed my penis, and hardly recognized my own penis , it was so much harder. I was so shocked as well.

Ya 74zowee86, it sure has taken a more vascular look. And like you said the erection quality sure has gained. I’m pretty impressed in the improvements so far. I haven’t measured anything, kinda want to hold off for the 1st month, but the feeling alone gives me the positive mindset that I have already started accomplishing gains.

I also see the difference, but I’ve been pretty inconsistent these past two weeks, and consistency seems to be pretty important looking at these other posts.

PE has definitely increased the blood flow though.

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