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A warm hello, and a quick question

A warm hello, and a quick question

I have been reading this forum for a week or two now, and finally registered today. I officially started PEing on Monday, 2/6/06, with initial stats of FSL 5 7/8” and EL 5 5/8” with bone pressed on both being about half an inch longer. EG 4.5” in the middle, which is actually of more concern to me than length. So far, this is how I have been implementing the newbie routine. I like to do it in the morning, so I hot wrap for 5 minutes, then jelq for 10-15 minutes, take a shower, then do 30 second stretches for a total of 8 minutes or so, then hot wrap again for 5 minutes. This seems reasonable to me, but any suggestions would be appreciated. I have experience some spotting, mostly just red but one dark purple, but it’s nothing that overly concerns me. Here is my question: yesterday I did my routine later in the day for various reasons, about 8 PM. Later that night, perhaps around 1, I was fooling around with a girl who I find moderately attractive but not my ideal.. And I had serious problems getting an erection. I am not a virgin, I have been having sex occasionally for a year and a half or so, and have not really had this problem before. Do you think this could be PE related, especially since I am still in my first week of exercises? If so, that is fine, I expect it will go away as my penis adapts to the exercises. The reason I ask is the other possibility I was considering is I am developing a bit of a mental complex with Premature Ejaculation.. I have a hard time lasting long, and have been trying to do Kegels to improve on this, but it hasn’t really been helping much. I believe my muscle has gotten stronger, but I have anxiety about it now, which I think is holding me back from succeeding, and each failure is further compounding the problem in my mind. Should PE help with this problem as well?

Either way, I am VERY excited by the prospects of PE. Before I realized it’s existence, I was rather angry towards life for giving me what I then considered an underdeveloped and unchangeable penis, and there are few things in this life that frustrate me more than the idea that I can’t improve on my shortcomings. PE has given me hope where I previously had none, and I’m confident I can turn this into a long term habit. Thank you all for your help and inspiration!


Hey pysonic,

The reason you were having trouble getting an erection was probably due to the fact that your penis was tired from the PE workout. After all you did do it only 5 hours before fooling around with that girl. I too have trouble getting an erection after a PE workout. Now for the premature ejaculation problem. When you feel you are going to burst, flex your PC muscle so that the feeling subsides. That’s why you do kegels so that you have control over your PC muscle and can contract it to stop yourself from premature ejaculation.

Moron, here

Man, the failure, or difficulty you had with the girl was due to penis fatigue. You’re working you shaft in ways it has not been worked before. Best to go easy on PE on nights when you expect action. It’s like doing curls all day then trying to arm wrestle the biggest biker in the bar. As you become more conditioned you won’t have this problem. I actually get off on having sex after a good girth routine for the extra post PE faux girth we all get, but don’t follow my advice. As one of our members just pointed out in another thread, I’m a moron.

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