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A true measure

A true measure

After finding out about the “standardized” length and girth distinctions, (and I found them very logical) I found a couple of threads with references to volume.

It seems to me that as there’s small natural variance in using a tape measure or a ruler, displacement is the most definitive measure. So, are the volumes reported here mathematical? Or does one take a sort of a cylinder with water in it, poke the erect manhood in, let the excess water run out and then take note of the capacity?

This question just because of motivational reasons: if gains are small over a period of time, it’d be better to know that they’re gains still and not the result of “slightly optimistic” measurement techniques. In the end I rather hope to see the difference in inches, but in all realism, I don’t think many experience such clear gains over, say, a period of a month. Or do they!?

One measure I haven’t seen referred to, BTW, at least in exact terms is hardness. I’ve seen a guy on Leno or Conan who had a device to transform rigidity to a mathematical value. He had a book out, too, on the subject of male health, reproductive organs and all. I’ve long since forgotten his name. Anyone have info on him, or measuring hardness?

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Displacement is the “best” way to measure volume. Not many people actually measure volume and I don’t think there’s really an established standard. The data page estimates the value for volume unless you enter it manually, I think.

I’m interested in the bit on measuring hardness.


I am on this. I think I even posted something about it yesterday. I have a penis pump that I use VERY rarely (for privacy reasons) and I think I can get a measurement using that as my controlled container.

I think it is important to note that there will always be some small loss of water while measuring due to absorption, spillage, and the tendancy for water to remain hanging at the bottom and sides of a container as it is being poured out. It has something to do with the surface tension of water. I forget the scientific term for it. Anyway, some precautions can be taken to avoid absorption (rub baby oil onto erect penis before entering tube) and if you are very careful and take your time you can minimize the other two.

In all, I think water displacement volumetric measurement is by far the most accurate means of documenting true gains.

You are right, of course, the measurement also depends of the rgidity of the erection. We all know how that varies.

Good luck to you!

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The problem with measuring volume is that it can only measure NBP volume. Variance in a person’s diet/exercise can cause the fat pad to grow or shrink. If the fat pad is shrinking, then you will get a false indication of growth. You would also need a VERY repeatable way to ensure that your penis is going into the water-filled chamber the same way every time. If you press too hard, your fat pad/scrotum may displace some water, again giving you a false reading of growth.

Measuring every month to document growth may be too often. With slight measurement error, you may get your hopes up or get discouraged. I think that your eyes and hands are the best way to determine growth. You will feel it bigger even though it may not be measurable. Longer term measurements will surely factor out some of the measurement error.

Good luck and good gains!

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