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A too extreme pe stretching session!?!

A too extreme pe stretching session!?!

Two nights ago I took my pe to a whole new level, using a new heating pad. I think I got a little too excited, and did it too long and too hard. I now have some scabs on my dick, but they are recovering. I thought at first that I had given myself some first degree burns, but I am pretty sure its from pulling and stretching too hard. But it was exciting, its the longest and fattest my dick has ever been, so exciting! But I am trying to beware of the excitement. I actually have gained enough to where I can really grasp my dick, I actually have enough mass to where I feel like I have to make a fist to grab things. I especially liked the hard on I had when I did the warm down in the heat pad. Man this stuff works! I just cant wait for things to heal, and do it gain, but not so extreme.

Just curious, how long have you been at it?I’m new.just started this week.

I have done this for between 2 1/2 to 3 years. I sometimes didn’t know what I am doing, maybe still don’t. I don’t have any starting photos, and I have lost my notes on starting measurements. Although, I found a measurement taken some years go in a book. So I have some measurement before I did anything at all. So I think its working. I have gained mostly girth, which I am glad to have, but I was hoping for more length.

This is the worst blistering I have ever had however. I just really got a little too excited, which sometimes happens. It makes it possible to overlook pain that is telling you not to do so much. I think some veterans have commented that most of the injuries occur after people see some significant gains, as they get too excited to see that its working.

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