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A Thought

A Thought

There are so many theories and such on enlarging one’s penis. I believe PE works over a certain amount of time with great patience and knowledge on PE. What if enhancement pills were taken along side of doing PE? What if some exercises to keep that size you will get after taking pills for the suggested amount of time were used. I’m thinking that maybe the two can be combined for a simpler and quicker alternative, what is everyone’s opinion on this? Has it been tested?

There is no scientific evidence that enhancement pills have a legitimate effect or not.

The general feeling on this forum is that the only effect they have is on the diminishing size of your wallet.

Hmm but I saw some information about them working but not keeping the size after they are stopped, it was on this site.

If anyone has had experience with pills, pumps or devices is usually shows up in the Review Forum. You might try searching in there.

If you want to spend the money, feel free to do PE exercises and take pills. All the evidence that’s been posted here over the past 9 years indicates that pills alone do nothing except help you get hard or harder. They don’t make you bigger.

As a note though, please keep a journal or some record of your experience. If it’s effective, other members would love to share your benefits. If it isn’t, I’m sure they’d love to avoid the same pitfall.

Some pills have the ability to make your penis swell up larger, but they are 100% temporary and can be a distraction when you are trying to physically increase the size of your member, and measure your real progress. I stopped taking lots of supplements because they made my cock measure larger then it really was, which was counter-productive in the long-run. But they’re still fun for one-night type of deals. :-)


Some pills make you larger, and some pills make you small.

And the ones you buy online, don’t do anything at all.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

The “enlargement pills” are nothing more than cocktails made up of supplements that you can buy OTC: L-Arginine, Ginkgo, Ginseng, HGW, Tribulus, etc. A lot of them have the effect of helping/increasing blood flow to your dick, but that’s really not giving you a permanently bigger size. If you’re going to take supplements, the only one I have found to give the effect of a “bigger dick” is L-Arginine - a cheaper yet (in my opinion) more effective version is AAKG powder.

I’ll be incorporating some male extra pills when I come back from holiday next week. I’ll probably keep a record

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