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A thought on properly strengthening the BC muscle with kegels.

A thought on properly strengthening the BC muscle with kegels.

I have been thinking about muscles since I started working out and I may have an idea on how we can properly strengthen the BC muscle for better erections. Let me know if my thoughts are correct:

1. We cannot lift weights with our BC, so we have to contract the muscle, which would be an isometric exercise.

2. If we are doing isometric exercises, you must contract the muscle at least 7 seconds to strengthen the muscle and ~30 seconds to strengthen the muscle & build mass.

3. The BC is a muscle that can be exercised every day.

So, if my thoughts are true, you should only have to do approximately three (3) kegels every day, held for 10 seconds for a complete BC workout. What do you think?

You want stamina for your BC muscle, not just strength, right? :)

Sounds like an interesting train of thought here, guys.

Just so I can catch up on the details here: the common wisdom is that many repetitions at low intensity (per rep) build stamina and that fewer reps at high intensity build mass & strength? I guess that in order to become multiorgasmic you need to have strength then? If so, what would BC stamina be good for?

Ha, seems like I’m quite a newbie in that field. :D

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

So how do we build stamina in a muscle using isometrics? Does adding strength also add stamina? How would you do isometric exercises just to build stamina? I believe we need both strength and stamina for the BC. Maybe 1 day could be for stamina, and the next for strength. From my understanding, isometrics is very powerful and very few repetitions are needed to build strength.

Muscle involved with erections works only in an isometric way.

I’d suggest: start with about 50 Kegel’s for three seconds each; add 1 second each week, until you reach 10-15 seconds. Be aware that it could be really stressfull.

This is an interesting thread; I’m surprised it suddenly died.

I know for a fact that increasing the maximum strength of a muscle will increase it’s stamina also.

For a given force exertion over long duration, a stronger muscle will cope much better than a weaker one, as the force will be a lower % of it’s maximum strength. So the weaker muscle may be contracting at 80% of it’s maximum force, and so won’t last long, whereas the stronger muscle only needs to contract at 50% of it’s maximum force, and so can manage for a much greater duration.

I think we need to work out the best method to increase BC strength, considering the contractions are isometric. I will research tomorrow.

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