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A thought I might share about jelqing before or after stretches.

A thought I might share about jelqing before or after stretches.

Here’s a though I would like to share with the newbies and to discuss with anyone with a thought.

Tonight, I thought I would try and stretch first, jelq second because I enjoy jelqing more. However, I have noticed that jelqing is much more effective when I do that first, and stretching is much more effective when I do that second.

Is there a certain order you are supposed to do them in? Can you separate a jelqing session into 2 sessions before and after your stretches?

Also, newbies, if you are frustrated with gains, and you are stretching first, try switching and see if you feel any different. I can’t feel any blood expanding in my penis like I normally do.

Well, my routine goes like this.. 100 Jelqs, Power Stretch, 100 jelqs, circular stretch, 100 jelqs, V-stretch, 100 jelqs, sit and stretch and finally another 100 jelqs ^^

I just missed out on the 10 minuted, and I’m really fucking pissed right now. I decided to add some wet jelq to make up for the bad night, and I feel like a god damn retard because I ejaculated. It’s make me fucking pissed as hell because I can stop at just the right moment before the PONR but the fucking kegels have ruined any chance of my edging because my PC contracts faster than an AK-47 and shoots everywhere. The orgasm is weak as hell and it just really fucking pisses me off, that not only I ejaculated, but my night for routine was bad. God damn. I just there was an answer to edging, an answer to erections, etc. One thing always effects the other, and I can choose to either last all night long with my limp wristed penis or shoot a hot load from a stiff pole after 30 seconds. Son of a bitch, I’m pissed off. I guess I enjoy not prematurely ejaculating, so I will probably never do kegels again for at least 6 months. They seem to do more harm than they ever did good. Plus, ever since I started my advanced routine, I haven’t been able to get a good erection, even with my kegels. Fuck.


Where I try to simultaneously shit and piss myself? Yeah, those have never seemed to work for me. I do what I’m told to do but I can still kegel, even with the new load in my pants.

Forget about kegels, and reverse kegels whatever the hell they are; won’t make your dick any bigger if you do a million.

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