A thanks.

Now, I will start off with a little background; I came here sporting a lowly 4 inch BPEL, whenever it was I started lurking (New Year 2010, I believe, aged 19). I will also say I was a very late bloomer; I didn’t even grow much in height until the age of 16. I was also very unfit at the time.

Now, I haven’t seriously undertaken PE, to be brutally honest. I have never had a routine as such, and although I have tried various exercises I’ve never really stuck to them. But, despite this, simply researching through the information here allowed me to somewhat fix the problem. By changing my eating habits slightly, drinking more water, doing more exercise and taking a couple of supplements (Ginseng and Arginine) I gained, within a few months, 1 inch on my BPEL. Purely through increased EQ. I was sold.

From then until now, I have kept up these good habits (except the supplements - no longer needed) and now talk to you having noted that somewhere along the line I’ve grown to 6.5 BPEL - which is actually 0.5 more than it was two months ago and with the bodyfat finally beginning to tumble off of my body. Now, I know to some degree both the fat loss and growth can be attributed to the fact I have finally entered my adult growth phase, but I KNOW that the knowledge gained here has helped me to optimize my body for success during this important period. And what the hell, giving it a little tug now and then doesn’t seem to be doing it any harm.

Edit: PS: I will be starting the newbie routine at last, as of next week.