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A tale of woe, a cry for help.


A tale of woe, a cry for help.

Ah, where to begin. In 47 years of having a penis that can only euphemistically be called “average” (5.5”, or about 6” with the newly discovered, ego-boosting “BPEL”), I’ve been surprisingly unconcerned with penis size and have had a good, fulfilling sex life. Which is not to say I’ve been *entirely* unconcerned. Okay, I’ll admit it: I have, at times, been very concerned, but have usually just put it out of my mind because I thought there was nothing to be done. And I’m still not convinced that there is, in my case.

So, a few years ago during my midlife crisis, dating a girl half my age, I became concerned, again. Tried pills. Needless to say, they didn’t work.

Then, about 6 months ago, I heard about PE, and five months ago began a newbie routine I found on another website: 3 minute warmup, 5 minutes of 5-second stretches, 10 minutes jelqing at a bit less than 50%, 5 minute jelq and hold, 3 minute warm down. I did this for about two months. No gains whatsoever, except some (temporary) flaccid gains.

Then, about 3 months ago, I discovered this site, lurked about, read all I could. I modified my routine a bit, adding longer warm-ups / warm-downs, and increasing jelqing time to about 20 minutes.

Now, all through this, I experienced some problems. First, I don’t have full use of my right thumb, so the usual OK grip isn’t possible for me, right-handed. Overhand works fine, but still, being somewhat baseball-bat shaped, and uncircumcised, I was having trouble getting a good grip with the wet jelq. Even so, I bravely persevered, usually with about 80% erection (sometimes more, which may have been a problem), and, three months later, still saw absolutely no gains whatsoever, except illusory, self-deluding ones, or flaccid gains which still seem to me to be unreliable and temporary. (I also found that doing JAI stretches seemed to make even the flaccid gains go away.)

Less than a month ago, I abandoned wet jelqs, discovering that I could get a much better grip with dry as long as I remembered to pull my foreskin back. I also increased my time for individual stretches from 5 to 20-30 seconds. So, I’ve been doing the following routine for about 3 weeks now:


5 minute warmup

4 30-second stretches, followed by some 5-second stretches, for a total of 5-10 minutes

10 minutes dry jelq

5 minute warm down

PM: same thing, but with 20 min. Of jelqing.

All along, I’ve been doing PE about 5 days a week.

And guess what? Still no gains, or possibly a very tiny gain (I’m now just a hair over 6” BPEL).

The ONLY gains I’ve seen have been from ballooning, and those are temporary gains too, as (so I’ve read) are any gains achieved solely through pumping.

So, any thoughts here about what I may be doing wrong? After 5 months of failure, should I just give up? Has anyone else out there had any similar experiences, and does anyone have any advice?

Although I tell myself that maybe the first 4 months or so of my PE journey don’t really count because I may have been doing it wrong (not getting a good enough grip, etc.), I’m seriously at the end of my rope here, but not ready to give up!

Any comments would be very much appreciated by this relative “newbie.”

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For some, gains come quickly and easily. Some never see gains. Then there is everything in between.

My advice is to treat it as a hobby, study, read and experiment. There have been many who made no gains for a long time, finally found something that worked for them and got their gains.

Read my thread on Physiologic Indicators for gains (PIs), its a good read and will help you on your journey.

Good luck, and you have been doing fairly well with what you have up until this point, don’t mind fuck yourself now! Be happy with what you have WHILE you work on making it more.

Remember, confidence is far more important to most women, use your age and experience to reflect that…don’t start turning into a insecure teenager at this point.

Get an ADS, or a hanger.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

“In 47 years of having a penis that can only euphemistically be called “average” (5.5”, or about 6” with the newly discovered, ego-boosting “BPEL”), I’ve been surprisingly unconcerned with penis size and have had a good, fulfilling sex life.”

There’s no euphemistically about it - you are perfectly average, I for one would love to be where you are now. I agree with Sparky, focus on your game with this girl and giving her orgasms, don’t get too hung up on pe. She’s obviously into and you’ve mentioned you had a good sex life before, and she’s probably interested in learning a few tricks from you! ; )

Having said all that, good luck finding the thing that works for you in getting gains…I’ve just started and only have a slight injury to show for it.

I’m sending good karma your way. Keep persevering, I am sure it has been discouraging thus far, but what happens if you quit.nothing. Ultimately all this PE is just “extra” for your sex life, so if you think of it in those terms, hopefully won`t seem so daunting. That`s at least how I`ve been looking at it. Best of luck again!

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Hey Muggles:
Welcome to TP from another Newbie (APR07).

I only learned about PEing a little over a month ago, so I did not have the change to do any lurking. I have now only been doing the Newbie Routine since APR 9th.

Don’t get discouraged. From what I have read some see instant gains and others none for a long time. In any case, PEing will give you a healthier dick.

But don’t give up. Stick with it and always be persistent. In the mean time, I will put in a good word with the “Penis Fairy” for you. Would a minimum 7.000” NBPEL with a 5.500” EG be Okay? :chuckle:

Good Luck, and remember, DON’T give up and be PERSISTENT.

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Just checking in to give a VERY heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s replied so far. It’s great to get this kind of encouragement and understanding (he says, reaching for a tissue). Just want to clarify one thing - that “midlife crisis” girlfriend I mentioned isn’t who I’m with now, but who I *am* with now is someone I care about a lot. We do have great sex, but she’s built a little bigger “down there” - hence some new concerns about size, on my part (though she says I am “just right” - but then, what else is she going to say?)

To kazoo player: I’m not sure if I’m ready for hanging; the risk of injury seems too great. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Also, what is an ADS?

ADS is All day stretch device - do a search on here. There’s tons of different brands and some folks make their own, but the vacextender and static stretcher seem popular with people due to the comfort factor - many people give up on other devices due to pain and impraticality.

If it’s a girth issue, why not consider a pumping routine mixed with some jelqing and other girth excercises like uli’s and orange bends?

p.s. I’m still a newbie so others will surely have better ideas than me for you!

Thanks oobiedoobie. So ADS basically = penis extender? I gotta say, this site is the only place (other than the folks selling these things) where I’ve ever heard anything about penis extenders or vacuum pumps other than: they do not work for permanent penis size gains. Obviously, I’d like this to be wrong! I want to believe! So, more research is indicated. I’ll look into the brands you mention. Thanks again!

The pumpers on here maintain that gains can be (more or less!) permanent - usually with the caveat that it’s combined with other exercises. Check out avocets excellent “pumping 101” thread on the pumpers forum of this site.

Penis extenders can work I think(at least I hope so as I’m just about to get a vacextender!), but usually at a much slower rate than promised by some makes who promised inches to all in months. There’s reviews of many makes including the ones I mention on the review forum. Of course the whole permanent gains issue is another old chestnut on here - do a search for that too! There is a ton of info already on here it seems.

And when you think about it, even temporary gains would be nothing to sneeze at, if they could be maintained just by continuing to use the device(s), assuming the use was not too onerous in itself. I’ve heard gains from pumping alone can last 24 hours; not too bad, really. I do worry about injury, though. Would rather have what I have and be fully functional, than have a huge limp dick!

Muggles, I can assure you that in 3 months you have gained. You have gained a habit of consistency, the knowledge of some of the PE techniques, and you have started conditioning your unit to being worked on. Also you have invested time in the process, so however long it’s going to take to get your target, it’s now 3 months less.

Due to your age (younger than me!) I would suggest adding some nutrition, namely vit. E, fish oil and vit C for basics. These are for skin health, healing and growth.

Apart from that, there’s plenty of good advice and routines here, and they work.

Thanks, more good advice! I’ve actually been taking fish oil and vitamin C, will add vitamin E. (I recall that back in the 70s, E was tauted for “men’s health” anyway, as zinc is sometimes too.)

You know, it occurs to me that with all this good advice and the good reading and information on this site, and with a lot of perseverance, I will eventually make gains - hard, laborious gains - and when I have finally achieved my modest goal (anywhere between 7-7.5” BPEL would suit me just fine) - it is at that exact moment, as I am about to celebrate, that I will hear a commercial on the radio or t.v. For “the first penis enlargement pill proven scientifically to work! Grow inches in just days!” I’m tellin’ you! But in the meantime, I’ll stick with consistency and effort.


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