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A tale of woe, a cry for help.



Sorry to be dense, but I just want to be clear: you’re recommending 30-40 min stretching per day? If so, could this be broken up throughout the day, into several sessions, or do you think there is more benefit in one or two long sessions of stretching? And I’m assuming a warmup (heat) would be necessary for each stretching session, even shorter ones? (Again, sorry to be dense here, but I want to be absolutely certain I’m doing this right.)


I don’t know really for sure. I was recommending that amount stretching; mainly because it worked for me after I had had little luck with a less than vigorous newbie routine. Breaking the stretching up into 10 minute blocks throughout the day is the only way I could do it; not patient enough to do all of it at once. I don’t warm up to stretch, though many do. Have you read bennet8's rather inspirational thread in the pics proof forum? He gained exponentially by stretching throughout the day in small amounts; a total of about 20mins per day I think. But yes, overall I don’t think there is any real benefit in doing all your stretching in one session, unless of course you are a fan of heat, in which case it might prove inconvienent to do otherwise.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Thanks, Klayton. I’ll check out bennet8’s thread, and try more stretching throughout the day. It couldn’t hurt (well, not much, if I’m doing it right)!


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