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A stretch


A stretch

Hello guys,

How are you all ? guys I know what a A-stretch is , Can anybody tell me how much A stretches should one do and how much secs or min a A stretch should last . Also guys should they be done after normal stretching or can they be done after jelqing. Thank you guys and happy PEing

Any V-stretch variant like the A-stretch is a good strong stretch form of stretching. Personally I found long hold stretches provided the best gains (3-5 mins) in a stretch routine lasting around 20 mins.

You should find that no matter how long you hold them as long as you can successfully relax into them and really feel the stretch for the whole time you are holding it, that they will be effective. You should probably be doing at least a 10 minute stretching routine.

My stretching program consisted of 20 minutes of inverted V-stretches with heat applied during the first half of the routine during stretching. I found that going into a stretch was most effective if I first held with a light tension and relaxed, then went to full tension, and then released just slightly from that tension. Sometimes its necessary to flex the BC muscle before relaxing it fully. You should be able to feel the tension throughout the shaft and at the end of a routine the penis should feel like it has received a good workout.

What are you doing at the moment?

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Hello Memento,

Thanks for ur input. currently I am doing 30 secs of stretches in all 3 directions. and I do 5 sets of stretching in each direction.Then I do about 1 set of 30 sec A stretch and then I do about 20 DLD sttretches. This is my stretch routine.memento should I increase my A stretches say about 2 mins and about 3 sets?

Sorry couple of questions first.

>I am doing 30 secs of stretches in all 3 directions
You mean left, right, down?

Whats a DLD stretch? Do you mean the Blaster routine which has a lot of A-stretches already?

How do you feel during the stretches and after the routine? What I mean is does the stretch really hit every time or do you do maybe 1/4 good stretches where you feel the tension properly. And how do you feel afterwards, do you still feel the after effects of a routine for some time afterwards (an hour or more).

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Hello Memento,

yes you are absolutely correct . I do 3 sets of stretching in all 3 directions ie left , right , down. and about DLD I just pull my penis straight out and hold out for 5 secs and then reverse keagel for 5 secs. I don’t include A stretch in my DLD. yes I do feel tht My penis is stretched after the work out,It hangs a better afterwards.

lol. People were kegeling and reverse kegeling into stretches way before DLD had even heard of PE :D

Sounds like your routine is doing what it should. So you just have to ask can it be better, and am I getting gains.

If you are getting good gains right now then stay with what you have. If not then maybe go for a more intense routine of longer hold V and inverted V-stretches preferably heating prior to and maybe during your routine, ignoring the simple stretches entirely.

If you feel you can still make good lig gains (maybe you have a high LOT) concentrate on the normal V-stretch and BTC stretches. otherwise go for some kind of inverted V-stretch like the A-stretch. Often with longer hold stretching routines it is useful to use an object in place of the second hand, just to make it easier and its imperative that you have a very good grip.

Only change your routine if its not working for you.

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hi im new to this site and i want to know what is jelqing give me the full definition and instructions

You need to do a search on the site using the sites search engine, that will give you all info you need.

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hi there

Hi guys,

Sorry to interupt the thread here, I want to ask how can I know if the A stretch that I do is the correct one?. I still having difficulty in doing reverse kegel. I’ve read DLD post where he said that when doing the DLD blaster, on the point he stretch the penis and than do reverse kegel thats when the penis would stretch more. How come that didn’t work well for me? I fell tension when I pull my cock away from my body and do kegel. Hope you guys could understand what I’m talking about here. Is there any other way to do A stretch with out folding it over your arm?. Thanks

> How come that didn’t work well for me?
You might be fully relaaxing the PC muscle already, you might have a bloody high LOT. Maybe you just need to practice. Any stretch needs to have the tension racked up gradually over a secod or two rather than in a yanking motion (even the JAI works better if you don’t just yank with all your strength).

>Is there any other way to do A stretch with out folding it over your arm?
You anc do any type of inverted V-stretch you like. Use your hooked fingers, a baseball bat, a pipe or anything you can create a second point of tension with (that is comfortable).

The blaster should be treated as an example routine, if it doesn’t work for you modify it until it does or build your own stretching routine that does work.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Memento:) ,

Thank you for your reply, I’ll try what you’ve suggested. I’ll try to be more aware of my tension. My lot is around 8 (where I cant get the tug effect right). Thanks again. seeya

With a lot at 8 consider concentrating on the ligs, you may find it increases the speed of your gains. Try stretching down mostly and when you jelq spend a reasonable amount of time jelqing with the penis pointing to the floor.

With a good lig stretching routine, you should feel some soreness in the ligs after a stretching session and you may also feel lig twinges (sharp/shooting, feeling in the ligs), all this is good.

That might help.

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You’re joking right?

By the way is there any chance you could read the forum guidelines? Maybe locate the caps key on your keyboard?

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