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A Strange Question to Uncut Members

A Strange Question to Uncut Members

This question is for uncut PE guys who has decided to wear the foreskin back all the time - permanently exposing the glans, that is. One of my main goal for PE is to achieve this look: I want a flaccid penis long enough to keep my foreskin back all the time and the glans is exposed. I wanted to do this for 2 reasons: I really want the benefit of a cut penis (easy to clean, lack of smell) and the great erotic feeling of exposed glans. However, I’m not willing to give up all those erogenous skins that is my foreskin, thus no circumcision. Plus, I really don’t want that ugly scar line on my penis - my DW think my penis looked fabulous erect with all the skin pull tight and I would hate to ruin the sight for her.

However, my penis is not long enough to keep the skin back - I’m just average erect (5.25-.5) and my FL is between 3” to 4” depend of the weather. I really want to increase my FL so that I can train my foreskin to stay back permanently; I know it can be done cus I know and heard people with greater FL than myself who’s able to do this. So as I embark on my PE adventure, I really want to ask the uncut thunder members who’s managed to train the skin back - I got from another, older thread that a few of you do this - as you achieve your greater FL due to all the techniques featured here, does it make it easier to keep the foreskin back? Or does the skin grow with it? Do you have a favorite way to keep it back? I have to resort to tape and comfy cock-rings to keep mine back since it’s just too long for my FL. I also have a bit of fat-pad that I’m in the process of losing, so I hope that’ll help in this case.

As I read more from this wonderful place, I think this is what my PE routine will focus on:

1. Stretching and other techniques like fowfer which has been known to help FL, and

2. Jelqing to maximize the size of my glans so it’s easier to keep the skin back

Lest you guys start to think I’m a wacky guy for not wanting a bigger EL, I just want to add that a 7x5 is also one of my goals.. It’s just that this is really very personal for me as my SO loves my current EL and think any longer would hurt her, and I don’t plan to show my EL to anyone but her. A bigger EL is really just for my masturbation fantasies and hopefully more spice in our sex life. A long FL look is actually more for my self-esteem if I happen to appear naked in front of friends and strangers - I do not want to feel small or be looked down upon. A cut look is just a plus for me. I’m in a middle of a life-changing transition and a presentable FL would add a lot to the re-building of my self-esteem.

So let me know what you guys think about my routine, I’d be happy to hear you feed back.

Man, is so hard for me to do stretching with all the skin.. But I’m only on PE for about 2 months and I not the one to tell you if the skin grow together or not.

Drink lots and lots of water. I’m talking a minimum of one gallon (128 oz.) a day. When I drink/eat healthy and go to the gym my hang increases. Pumping will also increase your hang a lot. I got one of the cheap-ass Kaplans off eBay and my flaccid length is the first thing that was noticeably improved. I swear my flaccid was like an inch longer the first week. If you do decide to pump, just buy the Harbor Freight pump and an LA cylinder and follow the newbie routine.

My weenie appears bigger with skin rather than with skin pulled back, but that’s just my perspective.

Yes lots of water (1 gallon a day) really helps the uncut penis. I am uncut, and I believe that it is more suseptible to retract quicker and further in because of the skin as opposed to an uncut male in the given weather conditions. Since I was a kid I’ve always kept the skin pulled back as much as possible. Even if I had to keep pulling it back continually. Eventually it started to stay back and for the most part, nowdays it will. But even now sometimes it does go foward, depending on my flaccid state. I also wonder if being uncut has something to do with the gains in length, because my length gains are extremely slow.. I’ve made maybe 1 half an inch in the past 6 months using an extender and jelqs and clamping.

From what I have heard exposing your glands is a bad idea. It can lead to a serious loss of sensitivity. Also from what I have read being uncut is more pleasurable for both partners. But what ever you want to do - I wish I was never circumcised as I have very low sensitivity in my penis made even worse lately by medication (just guessing on the meds but it makes some sense)

Yeah being sensitive feels rather good, and I don’t have to wear underwear because the skin protects the head :D


Wow, thanks for all the good ideas! I already drink a lot of water since I’m on a rapid weight loss program, but I definitely will ramp it up now. I’m already thinking about pumping but now it’s definately on my PE to-do list. I didn’t know it would help flaccid so much!

Jackhumble, I sure hope uncut has nothing to do with length gains.. From what I’ve heard it seemed that the extra skin accommodate the new length better than cut penis it seemed. I was like you a lot - trying to keep the skin back since I was a kid; at first it was due to the fact that most guys are cut, but now that I’m a grown man and know about the benefit of having the skin, I just want to do it cus it feels pretty nice walking in your boxers with your sensitive glans bared :)

Manchuck and Headtrauma, I know all about how much more sensitive it having the extra erogenous cells and having the glans moist all the time - I just want the best of both worlds. Most of the time when I can tolerate it, I want to keep it bare to keep my penis in more or less half-erect state all the time (but still not long enough! Err.) If I get naked for a gym shower, I’d also want to keep it bare as it does make it look bigger since it’s a semi boner (EL is for sexual purpose, FL is for social purpose, I always say). I keep a small tube of moisturizer with me to soften the glans when I feel sore.. And if I really start to feel less sensitive during sex, I would actually keep it covered day or two to regain the sensitivity; kinda like an off day in PE. Being uncut is a lot of fun if you know how to enjoy it. :)

Right now I use a small-size, transparent plastic cock-ring behind the glans to keep the skin back, but it can get tender if I forgot about it for too long. Too much work and I would die of embarrassment if the ring falls out when I’m working out or in a meeting or something. I just want a longer FL and a bigger flaccid head so I can just keep the damn thing back when I wanted without keeping a sexual aid with me all the frigging time.

I can’t believe all the post in this short amount of time. You guys are really cool being so nice to a noob. I think I’ll keep this strange thread going to keep you guys posted on my quest of bare glans and on-demand foreskin through PE, since I’m probably the only one in the world doing it. BTW, in Japan there’s a term for the few lucky uncut dudes (almost all Japanese are uncut) who can keep their glans bare at will (very popular with the ladies!): “mukechin”; now you know where I got my favorite nickname.

Any other good idea for the extra FL?

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