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A Stiffer Flaccid

A Stiffer Flaccid

Hey guys,

After finally committing to a routine and sticking with it (only about 2 weeks so far), I’ve noticed that my flaccid isn’t quite as, well, flaccid. I remember reading something SOMEwhere on this site about fluid buildup, but to be honest, there is just too much information.

I’m not too concerned about it since I’m getting positive PI’s - rock hard morning wood, slightly longer flaccid, and noticing that my erections sometimes do seem slightly longer/fatter. But it is a little weird to have a flaccid penis feel stiff and not like you could grab it by the base and just flop it around. Is this fluid buildup?

Is it always like that or is it sometimes floppy too? My flaccid is sometimes a little hard also (even pre-PE), I’d bet that there is nothing wrong.

It’s not always stiffer - but it is the majority of the time.

You’re probably right, nothing to worry about. But I’m sure everyone can understand that anytime anything strange happens to our penis, we get a little freaked out! I do the newbie routine, but it’s still easy to get scared of permanent damage.

Do you warm up/warm down? If not, try it, it might help.

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