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A sleeping beast is to be awakened.

A sleeping beast is to be awakened.

This is my third day on this routine:
Day 1-5- 40 3 second Jelqs,then this weird exercise where I Fling my Penis downward really hard, knocking the blood to the head, 40 times.
Day 6-10- double the jelqs daily to 80, continue regular with the “flinging”
Day 11-15- increase by another 40 and so on and so on until I get to 200 then no less than that.
No rest days for this exercise isn’t that strenuous. I have already began to see in three days longer flaccid hang, Souped up erections (rock hard), and my girth is widening to the naked eye. I AM LOVING IT. I got this exercise from a video blog and I’m hoping to see excellent results. I’m 20 with a high metabolism and great blood flow. I stand around 5’8”, very skinny, and erections have not been a problem from me. I can’t measure girth at the moment for I do not own a tape measure.
BPEL is currently: 5”-5.5”
Girth is Unknown at the moment
Goal ( and will stop jelqing when I’ve set it in): 7” and whatever girth comes with it.

By the way this is my first post, wish me luck. I’ve been looking and have been a member for months of this place, and you all have been very inspiring.

Welcome to the posting side of the forum DVan. The “fling the blood to the head really hard part” worries me. Try not to overdo it because you will regret it!

If you want to measure girth, get a piece of string and measure it next to a ruler. Good luck!

Take it easy on the flinging so you don’t hit yourself in the balls. :D

Happy gaining and good luck!

Start: 6.7" BPEL 4.7" MSEG

Now: 7.3" BPEL 5.0" MSEG

Goal: 8.0" BPEL 5.5" MSEG

I laugh to myself as I type this because I have hit myself in the balls quite a few times. The fling isn’t as extreme as it sounds, this is my johnson and I love him to death. If he could fling me for benefit, I wouldn’t want him to over fling me. The only thing I worry about is a rare possibility of the donut effect for my Penis is already a similar shape to a baseball bat, skinnier at the bottom and fatter towards the top. It has always been that way.

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