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A set of newbie questions.again.

A set of newbie questions.again.

1. Can I stretch after my jelq session? (I stretch before as well)

^ Doing so, does it make my jelq session a waste?

2. If you stretch a lot, will it have large effect on length? Or does it just loosen up your ligaments to begin PE.

Does it keep enlarging the length of your penis? ( Or does it stop after a point, when your ligaments are to it’s ability?

3. Any types of food or drink that may increase blood flow to the penis.(normal foods/drink)

^ Not talking about pill or any “Named” penis enlargement supplements

4. Jelqing making my shoulders/arms extremely sore. Does the Jelqing device have the same effort

^ Is it as effective as normal hand pressure Jelqing.

You can stretch before or after, the choice is yours. Do which ever you feel comfortable with. Although I tihnk it it is better first as you dont waste time waiting to be fully flaccid to get to start stretching.

Stretching has an impact on length be it in flaccid or erect. It also stretches your ligaments which will cause some gains. About an inch I think. After a while stretches will not be as effective as before and it would be up to you to find a better way to get length.

Yes there are a few supplements to increase blood flow. Ginseng and ginko are a few.

I cannot comment about the jelqing devie as I have never used them.

Good luck and happy PEing.

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