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A Real Interesting Trip

A Real Interesting Trip

With the numerous posts and threads I’ve read on this interesting website; I’m 100% certain that I want to begin (PE-ing, is it?). There’s a lot of questions that I had that have been answered by others and a lot of insights from people that give me a chance to look into myself.

So basically what this thread is about, is the way its been working out for me so far. I’ve looked into the newbie routine and going to start with it. For the past couple days, I’ve been doing other things that I probably shouldn’t jump into so fast, like edging and kegals while edging. But I was doing those things mostly for the pleasure not for real PE advancement. I know its best to just fully commit to PE in the first place, which is what I’m doing now.. So after attempting to start the newbie routine a few times, what I’m finding is that I’m having trouble stretching. Now, my flaccid length isn’t too long, I don’t know if this will prove to be a challenge or perfectly fine but the issue is that when I attempt to start stretching, my penis gets riled up pretty quickly and I find myself at full erection a lot. Is this normal? Is this preventable somehow? I was wondering if this is because I haven’t used hot packs yet, as I’ve only tried to start a few times and haven’t had time to go to a pharmacy yet. Let me know what you guys think.

Hi and welcome lovethejourney,

It’s fairly normal to get erections to start with. Once stretching gets normal and boring, it shouldn’t be as big a problem. It might be worth moving your stretching routine to a time of day when you are a little less likely to get aroused (early morning, late at night) and do the jelqing at another time. You’d still need to warm up to get the full effect.

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Welcome to the group. Hopefully you’ll find your stay here enjoyable and fruitful. Re the getting-an-erection-while-trying-to-PE-problem, with practice and time your penis will start recognizing the difference between “play-time” and “workout-time”. Just let the erection subside and then go on with your workout. Good luck.

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Thanks for the welcoming comments. I’m gonna stick to it and continue to to attempt the routine until my penis understands that I mean business. That’ll show him whose boss.

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