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A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

Originally Posted by derekt tan

Is stupid to ask but if all this can enlarge your penis ? Sorry about dumb ass question

Yes, it seems to work for many guys here.

I never even knew this was possible. Through a torrent I found a document describing jelqing. I started googling and found this forum. I’m at 5.1 inch and always knew I was a little short. If I can bring it even only one inch up, I’ll be happy. Thanks for the excellent instructions!

Jess one word man ..


Most of these exercises I have done on my own just by experimenting. I have a 10inch erect penis. It used to be just 7. But I became somewhat obsessed with my penis and making it bigger. For the last 3 years I have been doing a variation of execises, stretches and exsessive masturbation. I find that by doing stretches and making yourself keep prolinged erection with out ejaculating, often for several hours, was the key to my very significant growth. I still want my penis to be larger but I feel it has reached it true maximum length and girth.

Can someone plz tell me how am I are supposed to do all this with only a 60 - 80 percent boner?

I may start with a 60 - 80 but after some like 5 seconds I have a 100% rock hard can not getting a hard on even be possible?

It won’t let me download :(

I'm scared

Hello there..
I’m from Italy and I was very curios to know something about PE.

This forum is amazing and I’ve read this beginner guide.
I’ve seen too the videos.. But.. Wow.. It looks SO HURTFUL..

It’s painful? Someone has already begin to try this way in PE?

I don’t know.. I’m just scared, I see this boy in the video stretching so hard the penis, like shaking for the strength that he use..

I must pull and push the penis strong? This doesn’t cause any health problem?

I’m sorry, I really would like to try this PE..

What do you think “beginner” guys?

Very helpful

Thanks guys for that stuff on the subject.

Can someone help me? I have a bend on my penis while it’s erected towards the left about 45°.

Which exercises can I do to correct this?

Thanks a lot for your future answers

Great post ! ;)

Really great info thanks



I have seen the videos. How often do you have to do this?



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