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A question when Jelqing

A question when Jelqing

So when I jelq, on a scale of one to ten, I’m eight with my strength. While I’m jelqing, my penis is firm (between flaccid and hard). As I jelq, there is less and less blood left in it till I just feel I guess the corpora cavernosa. At this point, I’m not sure I need to regain the blood or keep going. Usually I wait in between jelqs so I can regain the blood. Lately I’ve been wondering if this is what I’m supposed to do. Also I usually stretch before jelqing, but after my hot wrap.

You should be coaxing in more blood with your jelqs not the other way around.

What do you mean bringing in more blood? When I jelq, I start from the base, and squeeze my penis, going upwards till I reach the underside of the head. Then I repeat with the other hand. As I do this, there is less and less blood to be pushing up to the head. What I want to know is whether I continue while there is no blood, thus squeezing just the corposa or do I mentally try to arouse myself again so I can get more blood there again.

Do you see any temporary gains in size from doing these jelqs? Does your dick swell up and feel meatier?

I’ve seen 2 different thoughts on this. 1 is the forcing of blood through and the other is to pretend like you’re trying not to crack an egg. I other words very gently. I have to say that the forceful one causes turtling and a drop in EQ and the gentle one causes an increase in EQ. So, I’ve switched to the jelqing like you don’t want to crack an egg way. I do the Ulis and horse squeezes for forcing blood. I read a theory once that the jelqing stimulates some kind of hormone receptor and that gentle is best.

Originally Posted by alborz

Do you see any temporary gains in size from doing these jelqs? Does your dick swell up and feel meatier?

Yes, but I want to know if I should squeeze when there is no blood or am I right in waiting in between jelqs to regain blood.

I would just kegel to force more blood in then do a moderate jelq.

Thanks number76, that advice was much needed.

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