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A question for seniors

A question for seniors

Hi.I have doing PE over a month I do first 5 min warming then about 10-15 times manual stretching (hold about 30 sec) and after that a warming again about 3 minutes then jelqing with lube (200 strikes maybe sometimes more).I have strokes less then 3 sec :\ One thing considers me,I work 5 days (with 1-2 masturbates a day) and one day rest (no masturbation no nothing).I heard somewhere that is rest good for growing penis tissue.Can somebody tell me more about this and are I working good about that work and rest days.Sorry for my US

And yes,who is more effective PE,m stretch or jelqing?TX

There are two good indicators of whether you are doing enough, and not too much.

1. Are you gaining, and
2. Are your erections as strong as they usually are?

You do not want to do so many exercises that you hurt your EQ (erectile quality). If your EQ is worse, you are doing too much.

If your EQ is OK, then you need to measure from time to time and see if you are gaining. If you are gaining, continue what you are doing. If you are not gaining, then you may need to increase your effort. That may be from longer duration of exercise, more repetitions, or adding (or changing to) a different exercise.

When you increase your effort, continue to monitor your EQ to make sure that you are not overdoing at your new exercise level.

I don’t think I can say whether stretching or jelqing is more effective. It may vary from person to person. Personally, I think they work well together.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Well,based by your thing EQ is.not that good today (today I have rest,after 5 days work ).It’s like tired or something.I have to put 3w/1rest and try that :) But let me ask you one more thing: 5 w\2 days rest or maybe 3 days work \ 1 rest?What is better for growing from your opinion

I would cut down to masturbating 2-3times/week instead of 1-2times/workday.

Try having 3seconds/jelq as well, anything under 3 seconds and you’re just playing with it ;)

About resting;
From the beginning I’ve done 2 work/1 rest/2 work/2 rest and this has given me the gains you see below :)

Starting stats Achieved/Current Wanted/Goal

BPEL |15(5.9")|16(6.3")|17(6.7")|18(7.09")|19(7.5")|20(7.9")|

MSEG |10.5(4.13")|11.5(4.5")|12(4.7")|13(5.1")|14(5.5")|15(5.9")|

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