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A question for RB if you're still around

A question for RB if you're still around

Hey man, I ran across some of your routines and was interested in trying them. I was wondering if you can help a new guy out by answering a few questions about the routine below.

Originally Posted by RB
Ropegroper, here is the post I have in my routine thread at describing my technique-

I have big wide hands. When I started, I had a small penis that was hard to get hold of to do traditional jelqing moves, plus no access to a quality lube I could use easily in the work place. What I did was this:

1- Pretend like your holding an invisible sandwich with both hands, getting ready to take a bite. Notice how your fingers and thumbs are facing each other, one forming a C and the other a reverse C.

2- Keep this position, but rotate your hands so your thumbs are now on top.

3- Using just your thumbs and first two fingers (pointer and middle), grab your dick from both sides mid-shaft like it’s a mini sandwich, and squeeze.

4- Now, slide your skin under your fingers down your shaft as far as you can go. You may have to adjust your initial finger positioning to allow you to get fully to the base, or even do the lower part then the upper until your skin becomes more resilient, a few days or so. (I can now dry jelq my entire erect 8” shaft in one move). Make sure that the initial spot on your skin where your fingers made contact stay under your fingers for the entire stroke.

5- When you’ve slid as far down as possible, squeeze your fingers together, then slowly slide them as far towards your head as possible. Repeat.

I did this for the first month or so, then went with a water based sex lube. I went back to dry jelqing, as I feel it allows me to get a better workout on the erectile tissues and doesn’t put as much pressure on the veins. Good Luck.

While my fingertips may touch, it is not like a traditional circle OK grip jelq. Also, I rarely jelqed with one hand squeezing the base while the other jelqed. When I did this (with lube), to get enough pressure to feel like I was doing any good made my veins hurt and swell.

I feel dry jelqing like I do allows me to put the pressure where it’s needed, deep in the erectile tissues. I concentrate on making sure I can feel the blood expanding my tissues and moving forward to my head, which swells toward the end of each stroke. When it does, I know the blood is moving. Hope this helped.

1.How many times per week (day?) did you jelq?
2.How many strokes per session?
3.How long did you go with lube jelqing before you went back to dry jelqing?
4.How often did you engage in sexual activity and when in relation to your PE schedule (like how many times a week,was it directly after jelqing or a number of hours later.)

I hope you don’t find that the 4th question is too intruding of your privacy. I don’t know if you still frequent these forums, but if anyone else is familiar with his routine any info you could shed would be nice.

Carmen1, I commend you for a good, polite first post, but I see that RB has no activity here since April, 2004. He might log in again someday soon, but I wouldn’t bet on it. I’d like to see him here again. He was a great contributor to the forum.

Are you looking for recommendations on length of time and frequency of jelqing sessions? Are you already doing the Newbie Routine?

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