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A question for MDs in Thundersplace

A question for MDs in Thundersplace

Hi all,
I just built my homemade stretcher and it works fine but I have a question for who has knowledge of medicine and specifically of human tissues, that’s why I’m asking for consult from MDs that I’m sure exist here in TP.
I noticed that when my stretcher is on the glans become engorged and blood circulation is almost off (just in the head) due to the constriction applied on the shaft (below the glans), so the question is: how much long is safe for a tissue (and particularly for penile tissue) to stay without blood circulation? In other words after how long tissue start necrosis? My workout consists of two sets of 20 minutes each one - with an interval of about 10 minutes in which I massage my penis and glans to restore proper circulation - so I think it’s not too much but would love to hear from someone who has deeper knowledge than me.


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Hi SIG. I’m not an MD, but I do spend my days working with human tissues. There is no definitive answer to your question; if the blood supply is cut off completely, it depends on how much oxygen your blood holds. If you smoke, the time will be considerably less than if you are very fit.

If you try to extend your times into the possible necrosis risk time frame, you will not gain any more from doing it and the risks are unacceptable.

The safest option is to watch for negative symptoms such as coldness, numbness, any discomfort etc. PI’s (physiological indicators) are well covered elsewhere on the site. If you get any of these, take a break.

Your routine sounds OK to me. I certainly would not extend the length of the sets; if you feel you need more time (gains stopped) add another shorter set and slowly build the time of that set to 20 mins, but always stop if you get negative PI’s. You only have one penis. Keep it healthy. Necrotic tissue does not regenerate.

Well I am studying to become a doctor. How about I tell you after I learn a bit more ? Wait a few years ? Hahahaha XD. Firegoat got it all pretty much. Necrosis in your penis *shivers*

The blood supply to the glans is via arteries near or within the corpus spongiosum which is the erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra (the large ridge on the underside of the erect penis). If you can maneuver your clamp to grip mainly on the sides it will decrease constriction of the CS blood vessels and may help with your problem.

I’m not a physician either.

Not an MD ……..But I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night……..

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

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