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A question about warming up

A question about warming up

I have been warming up by standing in the shower and spraying my member with the showerhead (those pulsating showerheads you buy at the store) for 5 minutes, is this ok?

because when you use a showerhead and the water falls on the member it get get aroused, but it is a simple way to do it. Is there something wrong in doing it this way since after i do the warmup the penis looks a big bigger when flaccid than by not spraying it with the showerhead, or lets say just not warming up at all.

You need to thoroughly warm up the interior structures of the penis in addition to the skin.

I have tried numerous methods and found that relying on the shower massager resulted in a poorer warm up/down than either immersing it in a cup of hot water or hotwrapping it with a hand towel under some pressure.

Many times I have used the shower massager method and found that with relatively low pressure I would develop very many blood spots. This does not happen as readily when I used the cup of hot water method and my penis feels much readier for the oncoming exercises.

Do a search on my name and see what I and others have to say about this topic and the negative side effects of not warming up or down properly.

I use a $15 heating pad from target or kmart.. Put the thing on high and wrap my cock and balls for about 10 min. I sometimes re-wrap to make sure I am warming all areas evenly. At the end of my warm up, I am usually perfectly erect and ready to go. I did water for a while, but it took me longer and was more of a pain. I actually do warm-ups more consistently now which I realize I really benefit from. My 2 cents.

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