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a question about rest days

a question about rest days

I was doing my routine , 4 on , 2 off , i bumped it down to 2 on , 1 off but every once in a while i don’t have the time so I’ve been juggling between 1 on , 1 off and 2 on ,1 off , doing this won’t hinder my gains any will it ?

Well it depends on your personal growth potential, but in my opinion at some point 1on-1off-2on-1off will be less than needed for good gains, though it’s not a bad schedule to start with.

Well I’m half a month from 3 months so it’s ok for now then huh ? When should i increase it back to 4-2 or is that not enough either ?

Whatever fits your schedule and lifestyle better, also your PIs are your guide here.

Personally, I prefer the 2 ON 1 OFF schedule, but that’s just me :)

Yes, I agree that your PI’s are your guide.. and if you need rest, take a restday.. and don’t force your self to PE just to catch up.. it’s better to take a restday than force yourself to PE in a negative way that is a waste off time..

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Heat is the key!

I disagree here with some, What do you want out of this, ask yourself. If you want your cock to grow, then it takes dedication and consistency. You know, you can PE while taking a shower.
This is not hard to do. If you sign up for a course and have to pay for it, I bet dam straight you will do your home work, If you pay for a membership to a gym, I bet you would make it a point
to work out. If you work it right, this can only take an hour, do it before bed time or wake up an hour earlier. I can understand if you have privacy issues, but that is where the shower or
bathing comes into play. I am not talking about 1 hour baths ether, but if you want gains, you have to make it happen, you have to work it. It is like trying to by a car an your credit is fucked up,
but you need the car, some how you make it happen. Now then, no body really needs a big dick do we.

So many simple things, wrap your cock just under the glands, tight a shoe lace a round it with a quick release then do the same on your foot or big toe, but not really tight. You can pull with your
foot while sleeping. This works because the rest of your body is relaxed. sub-consciences will have you pull your cock even when you are asleep. I did this.

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