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A Question About Hanging

A Question About Hanging

In browsing through members’ personal success stories I’ve noticed that the members that have made major gains have often relied on hanging. However, is it possible to have major gains minus hanging? You see it is virtually impossible for me to try hanging simply because I don’t have the time nor the privacy.

Thanks and cheers.

Lots of guys here have had good gains with the other manual exercises. I gained at lest 1/2” myself doing them. I started hanging only because I stopped gaining in the past few months using the manual exercises. I think it’s an excellent place to start if you don’t have the time hanging requires.

Hi warrior:

Welcome here, I just want to warn you, about hanging a little bit. There is something called necropsy, and this is when the muscle, or a part of the body dead, because, there is no circulation of blood in that area. Some says this came in 15 or more minutes. I’m not so sure.

So, besides that, if you don’t make the warm ups, and wrapping, you could get some injuries, over training fatigue, and a lot lot more.

Of course, taken all the precautions, can lead you to some gains, but remember that you have only one penis, and don’t want to lost it.
I recommend you, depending on your knowledge and practice on PE, that practice, the manual routines first. Later you can choose what better fits to you. Also, if you can, read all the posts you think you need.

Ok, good luck with your inches.

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

I would like to add that I did the manual exercises for a full year before I considered hanging and when I decided to hang, I read and studied all I could for about a month. I must say hanging is a total different ballgame in PE.

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