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A question about FOWFER


Originally Posted by Boondocksaint
Hmmmm Hey Marinera. As Far as I concern I thought you have to grab your dick from behind and basically tuck your dick in your ASS AREA. Not just tucking it in between gluets.

As far as I concern, you are wrong. If you do long-lasting fowfers exerting too much pressure on your penis, you get a numb penis, exactly what maxC had.

I just tuck it inbetween butt cheeks. And just sit. I never get numb.


I’m very worried about getting some type of penis related injury by doing fowfers.

Ok, I honestly can’t tell you I have gained from Fowfer because it’s only been about 2 and a half weeks. But I can definitely feel that my flaccid hang is heavier than before. Also, doing fowfer has not decreased EQ.

The only things that decrease my EQ significantly are lack of sleep and alcohol.

Thanks fro your reply well I guess I will be trying fowfers for now.


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