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A pumping question

A pumping question

I have been pumping for about three weeks now (thanks to PEnine for directing me to pump supplies in Australia) and have seen some gains in flacid hang.
I have been following the Pumping 101 method and limiting the pressure to 4-5 inches of mercury. Current session time is 15 minutes.

I am circumcised but have always had a fair amount of give in the skin on my shaft (even when erect). I am finding that if I pump for more than 15 minutes I begin to get a slight donut forming under my glands. This quickly goes down with massage but it is something I want to avoid.

Are a series of smaller sessions (say 2 x 15 minutes) as effective as longer sessions?



I’ve found that 2 HG of pull is plenty, more then enough… The key for me is making sure I go into the tube fully erect. The pressure that 2 HG provides *if* you are at full erection feels like it’s doing more then 5 or more HG on a semi.. I would try to squeeze in a 20 or more minute session in the morning and another one at night. Over time you can build up to an hour in the morning and an hour at night without a doughnut forming and be rock hard..


Thanks RWG … I do enter the tube fully erect and can maintain the erection for the aloted time. Porn and the fact that my partner is pumping next to me helps.

I will try cutting back to 2 HG and go for longer but the question remains .. are multiple short sessions as good as one long one?

It seems to be better to try short session, too long sessions are not good for the PC area: blood is sucked….

try 10 min. sets 2x 3x 4x…..I also pump 3-5 hg (but 5hg at the last sets)….we have to careful, I already bruise once (overwork), in my head I want to be big quickly….but we to be patient…it is the best way to gain…


Two or three 10-minute sessions at 3-5” Hg is safer (less chance of the donut) than one at 15 minutes. I use a cylinder with a clear tape “ruler” on it and usually see 1/4” to 1/2” more length by the end of the third session, so I believe multiple short sessions are beneficial.

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