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A proper 'beginner' question

A proper 'beginner' question

Ok I’ve been reading the forums while I try to figure out a routine which is best for me. I’ve tried PE on and off for a while now but am ready to concentrate on it. The problem is while training on and off I could never figure out what was the best routine for me (no surprises I guess). My EQ seems all over the place.could do 150 jelqs and have fine EQ, or do 50 one time and it goes to shit. I was reading that you need to keep at it until your penis this right? Should I just start out doing say 50 moderate 3 second jelqs for a week or 2and check at the end of that?


Id experiment for a few weeks before you settle into a proper routine. 2 days on 1 day off seems to be good for a beginner, I like 5 days on 2 off for jelqing and 7 days for stretching/hanging. It took me a while to find what was right for me.

According to me the best way for you to find out what suits you best is to go really easy at first, seeing since you’ve already experienced bad EQ from PE. Dont PE every single day either. Start with a really light routine and switch up the volume and intensity gradually.

Cheers guys. I’m gonna take a 1-2 week break and come at it again very slowly. I believe I may be over ‘choking’ with my jelqs.

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