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A Problem

A Problem

I’m hoping that this is a common problem and one that passes as time goes on. I’ve been doing the newbie routine for around two months now and everything seems to be going ok except for one thing. Ever since I started my PE, I’ve noticed that I’m cumming more quickly and easily. Before I started, I’d have sex with my GF, go for around 10 minutes before I came and then I had to wait around two hours before we could do it again.

Now we’ll do it, I’ll cum much quicker than that, and I can go again in less than an hour and cum in just as quick a time. Many may not see that as a problem, but I’m finding now the quicker I cum, the less time I have to pleasure my GF to the point of orgasm and she doesn’t always get there now because I cum quicker and she’s less satisfied overall. Not so much in the size department, but in the time it takes. I don’t do kegels a great deal as I read in an earlier thread that they may actually be causing the problem. Should I do them more often and hope it passes, or will it pass with regular PE?

Of course one promising reason you may be coming faster is that your girth has increased and sex is much tighter.

Putting that aside, is it possible that your screwing style has changed since you started PE? I ask this because I know mine has. I’m much more interested in feeling the whole size of my dick in my wife—almost like I’m measuring myself with her vagina. The result is I feel more stimulated than before, and this makes me come faster.

Consider using your dick as a sex toy on your GF. Instead of sinking it to the hilt and feeling for that great in-and-out friction, use shallower penetration for a while and aim for her G-spot. Focus on her pleasure rather than the enormity of your dick.

Also, I highly recommend kegeling. Good kegeling strength is an important tool in your love making arsenal. Over time, it will help you gain more control.

Many guys here have learned to control their orgasms with edging—bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm but not going over the edge. Repeated edging may help to train your body to delay orgasm.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Yes yes kegeling sure worked for me. Many thanx for that.


Originally Posted by Storm
I don’t do kegels a great deal as I read in an earlier thread that they may actually be causing the problem. Should I do them more often and hope it passes, or will it pass with regular PE?

Yes, kegel kegel kegel.

But more important, masturbate. But not just a normal masturbation; masturbate for practice.

When you masturbate, practice holding back. Do not be disapointed if you fail in the beginning, because you most likely will. But as time goes on, you will learn how to hold back.

The best way to do this is to edge: masturbating to the point of orgasm, and stopping right before you ejaculate. Then wait a few minutes, and restart again.

Edging is a great way to build stamina, and make sex more enjoyable for you.

Good Luck.

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