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A problem

A problem

Ok, I’m pretty scared. And before you say it…I know, I’m not too smart. Here goes.

First and foremost, I have OCD, so I’m a BIG worrier and obsess about certain issues frequenty.

I started PE a little more than a month ago and was very excited to hear that I there was hope about my average penis size. So I plunged head first into some pretty advanced exercises(ULIs and Horses). So, the first thing I noticed was some discoloration on the head of my penis, not the whole thing, but just around the brim. It was a black/blueish color which kinda alarmed me, because I didnt’t know if it was there before I started PE, or it came with the exercises. So after about 2 weeks of PE(after I noticed the discoloration), I decided to give myself a week off to see if the color would change back to the reddish/flest color that I THINK it used to be.

After about 3 days off, I started noticing a burning sensation in my urethra(sp?) down the shaft of my penis, and when erect, it was sore when I would do a kegal action. Even when I get the urge to urinate, it feels like there is something pinching the inside of my penis. It’s now been about a week since the pain and discomfort has started and it is showing no sign of getting better. All penile functions work(urination and ejaculation), I even had a noctural ejaculation the other night, something that has NEVER happened to me before.
All in all, I think something is wrong, most likely because I went into PE way too fast and didn’t take my time to work up to harder exercises. Is there any advice anyone could give me about what this might be and if it is serious? I have seen my doctor, told him the whole story(PE and all) and he said to give it a week and it should heal on its own…nothing yet.

ANY advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

I think you just moved too hard, too fast. You did two very wise and brave things - you went to your doctor, and you told him exactly what you were doing. I read about a lot of guys who just won’t do that and there is just no good reason why. Kudos to you, and I hope as you post down the road you share your positive experience with others.

Now, I agree with your doctor, sounds like you just need to give it time to heal. Some heal faster than others, so it might take a few more weeks, it might look better tomorrow. Just relax and don’t fret so much. Use this time to research your new program based on a little more sanity. When you have a plan for a new routine, post it here at Thunders and see what the guys think - is it a good one for your level or not. Follow the wonderful advice you get from the guys here and you won’t have to go through the worrying again.

It is hard to start PE slowly, I know it was for me. I found I could make my penis bigger and it is all I wanted to do day and night. Pull, pull, pull. Then Ouchie. Once you research this board a bit more, you will find that many times less is more, it takes a penis a while to get used to new exercises, and PE is a long term project. Many of us have been at it for years just to get an inch or two (years). And that’s OK. We all have years (well, we all hope we do anyway). Time passes, we celebrate another birthday or two (or even more), we PE responsibly, and one day some girl tells us our penis is huge - and we realize we have reached our goals and can now slip into PE retirement a bigger man. So don’t rush so much Quincy. Take your time and do it right, and you will grow.

So welcome to Thunders Quincy. I have a feeling you are going to be a fine addition here.

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