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A pleasant surprise

A pleasant surprise

I got the typical newbie gains and thought to myself “I must be one of those freak gainer people!”. Then the next however many days I would whip out the ruler and give a quick measure for fun. Nothing. Well, I started weighing the worth of all of my time I have invested and would be investing over the years and started to psych myself out.

Then, after a day off, I decided to give a quick measure before I hopped in the shower. It was only BPFSL, but I had to pull that ruler away and take another look. I had gained a 1/4”. My BPEL is nearly the same (+1/16” in 2 weeks) as last week, but it sure feels good to see that difference on the ruler.

I didn’t start long ago at all, but I got caught up in high from the quick stretch I had from the get go. Originally I had told myself that I needed four months to see gains. What an ungrateful punk I must seem like. I looked in my log and was really blown away at my progress by comparison to some of the hard gainers that have been at this for awhile.

I checked my attitude and reminded myself of my one year goals. My mind is now right and I won’t lean into doubt again.

Good for you friend, keep it up!

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

With BPFSL it’s very easy to gain 1/4”, even 1/2”, depending on how casual you are with ruler placement and angle. BPFSL provides a way to approximate your EL without getting an erection, and as a measurement has no other intrinsic value. That said, I agree 100% that it’s cool to see gains on the ruler!

I was really surprised to see 7” on the ruler when I checked my BPFSL the other day. Congrats, man!

05/06/2013: BPEL: 6.250" | MSEG: 5.125" | BPFSL: 6.250" | MSFG: 4.375"

10/15/2013: BPEL: 7.000" | MSEG: 5.375" | BPFSL: 7.563" | MSFG: 4.750"

Goals: BPEL: 7" ACHIEVED New goals: BPEL: 7.5" | MSEG: 5.75" | Brad the Bartender\'s Progress Log and Pics

Good for you DMC12,

Just remember this is a lifestyle choice, a bit like being fit, or well groomed, it all takes time but the payoff is more rewarding than collecting stamps or having a shiny RV, the hours of commitment you put into this will serve you well the rest of your life, hell you may have trouble giving this up when you reach your goal.

A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.

A well PE'd Penis gives girls the "Wow Eyes"

I :surf: therefore I am

Thanks guys. I keep telling myself this is now a part of my life. I know I stick with it.
I actually pulled 7 3/8” BPFSL. Although this measurement doesn’t seem to matter to some, crossing over 7” and beyond in any fashion is pretty damn exciting for a guy like me. Especially with the girth I have to pull through (Which I thought was completely normal until I got here. Who would’ve thought girth could be a “bad” thing? Ha!). That, and having “the cord” (which I know is not an actual cord). Pull this thing straight out, taught and the whole underside can be pulled all over the place but the top center is like a tightrope. So yeah, BPFSL increase is exciting.

I hope to be at 7” BPEL or more by the end of the year. I’m hitting it pretty hard, checking PI’s, and riding the hell out of this fatigue. It feels good so I’m going to keep pushing it.

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