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A PE concern.

A PE concern.

Hi there,

I started PE about a year ago but never really stuck with it. I ended up taking a long break and now I’m thinking about giving it another try.

But, something has crossed my mind.and the basic question underlying it all is, can gains really be “cemented?”

My concern is this: I’ve read alot of success stories about PE and the responses of guy’s gfs/wives to their growth. These stories are very motivational. So, let’s say I get a gf after starting PE and she only knows about my post-PE dick. What if, for whatever reason, I need to stop PE for a while? I could think of a bunch of reasons why this could occur- not enough time, non-PE injury, etc. Wouldn’t it be startling for her to see me “shrink” back to my previous size after I’m unable to keep doing PE? I feel like such a thing would be quite humiliating.

But, if gains truly can be cemented to the point where upkeep is no longer necessary, this would not be an issue. So what do you guys think?

Some guys have taken very long periods of time off and have come back. I’ve seen a few that took 3-5 years off and maybe lost 1/4-1/2 inch of length, not sure about girth. I’ve never really thought of just stopping completely, to me a maintenance program of 1-2 exercises per week would be the safest way to go.

Yes, you have to keep it up like James00 says. I lost 1/2 inch pretty quickly in length (7.75 to 7.25), (but strangely no girth loss). For A month ago I started maintenance a couple times a week and it’s almost back to 7.75 (currently 7.675, and growing fairly rapidly, for some reason). Girth is continuing to grow, so I guess my maintenance program is a bit too vigorous.

I would think that after you got to a certain length, every time you got an erection after that you would be stretched back to that same length.

Just a thought (I don’t have any experience with this myself) but it makes sense to me. If your EQ stays high, you should be able to keep close to, or at, the size you achieved.

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think most gains come from a routine that is done so many times a week. And like James00 says a maintenance program should keep those gains cemented. Unless there is some kind of injury there should be some time for stretching and jelqing when you take a shower.

I too have started PE almost a year ago and noticed turtling of the penis if I didn’t do any PE for a week or two. When that happens I get motivated to start PE again. I would never want to lose the gains that I work so hard for.

If I were you.. I would still do a maintenance routine whenever you decide that your gains are already what you want and desired for. Say.. Do a couple of jelqing and stretching 2-3 times a week. This is to ensure that none of your gains will be lost and will just be for nothing. IMO, I can keep up doing PE even for the rest of my life because I like doing it you know what I mean? The only downside is the time it will take you of course but nevertheless.. 2-3x a week is nothing considering the rewards it can give you right.

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