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A November which will determine my PE future.

A November which will determine my PE future.

I have a pretty good sized unit right now. My biggest gripe is my head is way too small for my penis.. My penis kind of pencils and my head is half as big as I’d like. My EQ is not great sometimes too because of anti-depressants I take. I’m going to talk to the doctor about this. When I have a full on erection my dick looks great, but I’m mostly interested in thickening the further half of my unit towards my head.

I’ll be doing this routine for the next month. 2 days on, one day off. I had a great PE session today and if I don’t see any gains this month, I’ll see about changing up the routine.

As always I’d love some feedback as to what guys have done to help head thickening.

My current routine:

5 minute hot sock
APX 15 minutes Stretching: Fifteen 30 second stretches with 30 seconds of rest in between
100 Slow Jelqs
100 Jelq Squeezes
100 Fast Jelqs
100 Jelq Squeezes
100 Fast Jelqs
Usaully a shower

I’ve also had trouble getting consistent measurements. I’m going to do all my measuring standing now, we’ll see if that helps.

Thanks dudes!

Any feedback?

Start: BPEL 7 3/8" EG Base 5 5/8" NBPEL 6.5" (apx)

Current: BPEL 7 3/4" EG Base 6" Head 4 5/8" NBPEL 7"

At first I thought you were a newbie at PE and said to myself that was a pretty intense routine.

If your past exercising has been very jelq-oriented, than I guess having this for the next few months should do fine.

Dec '09 : NBPEL: 6'' x EG: 5.1'' x FL: 2" -----> Aug '10 : NBPEL: 6.3'' x EG: 5.6'' x FL: 2"

Yeah, don't worry. It did not take me 8 months to get these gains. I was more off than on when it came to PE :O

Goal: EL: 7.25" x EG: 6.2" x FL: 4"

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