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A Newbie Starting Out

A Newbie Starting Out

Hello to all to the Thunder’s Place Community.

Here’s what’s up.
I recently started hanging, it’s been about 3 weeks.
I’m using a bib starter
I have a natural low LOT of 6-7.
I’ve done the JP90 routine and did a few more months and gains stop coming in and gained about a half an inch.

Here’s my situation; Right now is probably the best time to hang being I have the privacy time to hang due to the fact I’m in the military I have a room to myself and sometime will change in the future so I’m trying to ride it out as much as possible. Also future training going into the field for days to weeks I will be unable to hang. Why I am concern about time because I don’t want to waste time hanging at angles that won’t benefit me. I read a few threads about on Thunder’s Place saying hanging at lower angles with a natural low lot is a waste of time and it’s better to hang for Tunica angles such as OTS and SO. What stumps me is that I got advice from Bib it’s best to hang at lower angles and to stretch out the Ligs even thought I have a low lot. And the LOT Theory here is something to be ignored if I am correct.

My questions:
May I start hanging SO and OTS after my 1 month mark so I can attack the right angles that will benefit gains?

My PE history

I don’t remember what I start as for length but I remember I was little under 5.5 ELBP and don’t know NBP

But after JP90 and a few months of Jelqing and currently at:
6inch ELBP
5 1/4 NBP

Goal: 6.5NBP
After three weeks of hanging I notice FSL gains.

Routine I started out:
Week 1: 15min sets of 3, 10min breaks between, Weight: 2.5lbs
Week 2: 20min sets of 3, 10min breaks between, Weight: 2.5lbs (The days varied because some pain was intolerable and had to stop)
Week 3: 20min sets of 3, 10min breaks between, Weight: 2.5lbs (Usually first set reached fatigue and reduced the weight to ride fatigue)

Bump, No one wants to answer my questions? :(

LOT theory was just that, a theory. Seem as though it couldn’t hold it’s weight.

I would focus on anything 90 degrees or more. If you had time I would say, start SO and keep increasing the angle (time and weight also) eventually ending at BTC.
If you don’t have the time I would probably stick with BTC.
I’m not a hanger though so, maybe someone else will come along.

" It is always easier to fight for one's principles than live up to them ". ..Adler.

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