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A Newbie´s Question , Pls Respond

A Newbie´s Question , Pls Respond

Hi guys! Ive just discovered about PE and im very exited about starting , Ive been reading some posts and i have some questions hope you guys can help me out . Im thinking of starting the newbies routine and I’m willing to give it time to see the results , up to a year .. I’m aiming at 2” more length and 1” more in diameter , I’m just wondering : Will this routine give me the results i want or do i have to get a more complex one ? and second and more important will the results be permanent ? Thanks in Advance . This board is great.

Hello Hello2!

Welcome to the forum! Newbie routine, like the name, is for newbies and you’ll get a good start using it. Probably you’ll need to throw in some advanced methods to reach your goal in the future (not yet!). 2” gain in length is possible, but it really takes time and stick-with-it-ness :) The gains should be pretty much permanent if you just keep jelquing once or twice a week for some time when you’re there! Keep us posted!

Lets keep gaining! :)

A Man behind his mask.

Just make sure you dont overdo it right away, as it can cause some pretty shitty problems like Erectlie dysfunction. Dont do advanced routines for a good while, and make sure you read the recent threads in the main member forum on Erectile dysfunction, and in the injury section. Good luck.

another question

Is is hard to gain 1 ” in diameter ? and will the gains in lengh be in erect and flaccid state? thanks guys.

Welcome Hello 2,

From what I have read, I believe that girth is much much harder to gain than length if you start out with a healthy penis. I have gained a little bit of length but no girth. Most members here seem to report length gains more than girth, and I am very suspicious of claims of large girth gains. My main concern is girth, and yet I have yet to make any progress in this area whatsoever. Until I see at least a .2 inch girth gain I will be very skeptical as to whether any girth gains are really possible other than pumping up your dick a bit by increasing blood flow.

By saying this, I dont mean to say that everyone here reporting girth gains is a liar. It is quite possible that I just havent found a routine that works for me yet. Its just that until I see real evidence of this I will always be doubtful as to its validity. I also dont mean to dissuade you from trying. I sure am, and will be for a long time to come. Good luck.

Oh also to answer your question, my small length gains have been apparent in both flaccid and erect states.


girth gains

I am concentrating on girth gains and am very happy to announce that I’ve made progress in this area. I’m 6 weeks into the program now, and just recently measured and discovered much to my pleasure a .5” gain in girth. It’s true that most guys are looking for length gains, but I’m starting at 7.5 x 4.5 bpe - a real noodle dick. If I got any longer without adding girth, I’d be in real bad shape. But that’s not happening.

My routine is jelqing at at least 75% erection, squeezes, and anyting tht gets as much blood into my penis as possible. I’m being careful of the squeezes because I’m still just a newbie.

In the last few days I’ve found that the warm soak at the end of the routine is useful in keeping my cock good and pumped. I dip it in a large plastic cup of very warm water. This seems to encourage my cock to stay nice and full. I then do some hand pumps at the base. I grab my unit with thumb and first two fingers, like you would a fat pencil, then grip and pull at the base pumping more blood into the penis. Relase the grip, reach as far into the “inner” base as possible, kegel, regrip and pump again. This only works if you are near full erection. I repeat the process, soak, pump, soak, pump. At the end of five minutes of this, my dick is good and fat. Hopefully this will further advance me towards my girth goal - ultimately 6”.


Are you Guys using the Newbie Routine? im pretty confident ill acheive my girth goals.. i just want 1”. Thanks.

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