A Newbie Experiment

Okay, I’m not technically a newbie, more of a lurker, so I’ve already been through the newbie routines and have my own one now. I know the general consensus on supplements is, *THEY DONT WORK*, but…… me being the inquisitive guy that I am, I figured I’d try some. Worst comes to worst, I’m down and out the cash. Well money comes and goes and just the peace of mind is worth it. Science goes nowhere without funding.

So I broke it all down. I took a good long(no pun intended) look at all the Cock pills out there. I looked for ingredients, feedback, actual doctors(big one), quantity and prices. Best deal all in all, the MagnaRX 5 pack. 90$ Lets see where it takes me. I get a test booster, wapiti elk extract(dont ask me man), female libido enhancer, as well as the Dermal cream and the Magna pills. 60 day supply for all of it.

Now I’m not going to gamble my cash away, no chance I’m not gonna do PE in combination with these supposed snake oil remedies. No I’m going for size my man.

I’ve been PEing for several months now, kegeling for years, so I’m no klutz when it comes to it.

50 kegels
good thoughts(swamp thing and lil purple with some whipped cream((inside joke ;)

Hanging for 20 minutes or 3 bowls, whichever suits the mood. roughly 2-3lbs in my ghetto rigged hanger
50 kegels
more massaging
Jelqs, up and down, left hand and right. Alternating position on cock from base to higher up(dont wanna get turkey neck)
Horse Squeezes, at least 5 seconds with the hand, releasing the hand, BUT STILL KEGELING IN BLOOD!
Uli’s, limit varies on my boredom level
50 kegels
More jelqs
Horse squeezes
then finally just kegels to keep it pumped

Now this routine has not always happened every day, but writing it down helps :)

Before I got the Magna, I noticed a vein forming on the left underside of my penis, it went around 2.5 inches down the shaft. 5 days into the magna, the vein goes the WHOLE LENGTH! WHOOA DUDE! I’d had the sponge feeling before, but not nearly for as long as I do now. Everything looks more pumped. Maybe this is just the arginine in it, but I doubt it. I really really doubt it.

I’ve seen effects already, but I’m waiting to see if it cements my length and girth gains as well as general health in 2 months. I’ll keep you guys posted.

The truth needs not to be burned in, for if it is indeed truth, it needs no introduction.

Starting BPEL 6.24" BP 5" with a wicked G spot hitting curve :)

Currently 7.4" BP 5.8" with a wicked G spot hitting curve :)