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A newbie again - Here we go - Fun

A newbie again - Here we go - Fun

Well, here I go again, I’ve reached the site 3 times in the last 7 years and I’m glad it’s still here. I keep quitting pretty much for the same reason I quit working out, I do not last more than a week. However, I feel like this time is for real. The third time is the charm.

As a 5”er lenght, and a maybe 4 girth (being optimistic) I have to say that the first step I’ve taken this time has been to trim down a bit cause if I recall the last time I intended this, I used to pull more hairs than penis and it hurt. As I laugh at myself while typing this, I sure hope I can keep it up this time.

No worries, No pressure from anybody but myself (which is the good thing.. As I see it) I guess either my wife doesn’t know better or I still work it anyway :p . However, it’ll be good to have her grab on to something more substantial as we get ready.

So, if I have it clear.. WARM UP!! And CONSISTENCY!! Are the keys to success. I’ll be posting weekly to keep anybody interested up to date. If I don’t post in 2 weeks, I probably gave up again. Cuss me out so I pick up again.

Wish me luck people and if you’re already in this Keep it up!!


Welcome back for the 3rd time, you got it right bro heat and consistency! Have you measured your girth or did you just guess? Pe caused me to start shaving all my hair off because I hated getting hairs when tugging or them caught in devices.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

You don’t sound very committed to me. You should be saying things like ‘I’m definitely going to do this” and “this is something I really want for myself and I’ll do whatever’s necessary”.

You should set yourself goals, eg what you’re gonna do in the first week, once that’s achieved give yourself a pat on the back and plan the next week, don’t miss any sessions and if you do make them up.

I also recommend you take proper measurements, they’ll come in handy when you gain (if you’re consistent), so you can actually track your progress.

Finally, I suggest visiting this site as much as possible and reading everything you can. This will give you valuable information you didn’t even know you needed to know and keep you in the mind set of PE, continually reminding you of why you’re here.

Goodluck :D

Good luck to you. I’d also recommend visiting here pretty regularly for the motivation. There are a lot of guys here who’ve gained significant amounts of size and/or simply improved their EQ.

:_pump: :donatecar

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