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A new year and the start of something good

A new year and the start of something good

Hi, I’ve been lurking around here for awhile, hesitant to join, but the new year has given me that needed push. I’ve experimented with pe, but never really done anything serious. My stats are 6.7 nbp (7.5 bp) x 5.8ish (on a good day). I guess my ultimate goal would be 8 nbp x 6.5, but I’ll really take anything. Any tips or wisdom you guys could give me would be most welcome, as this really is the start of something new for me. I would love to achieve a few goals with pe:

- Rock hard erections
- A more defined erection
- Uniform girth
- Longer lasting power (multiple orgasms?)

Whether these are possible time will tell, but until then I am here to learn.


Welcome! :D You are already starting off pretty large so it’ll be interesting to see how big you can get it. How old are you?

My advice is to stick to the newbie routine and take your time. Be efficient with your jelqing and try not to measure more than once or twice a month so that you can truly see your gains. Stay very close to Thunders because it will keep you in the mindset of PE. I’ve had to become somewhat obsessed with PE in order to commit to it, and since I’ve done it faithfully since October, I’m officially in the habit of PE. Good luck and keeps us updated! :D

Started: 10-18-08 BPEL: 6.3 inches; BPEG: 4.8 inches.

Currently: BPEL 7.4 inches; BPEG: 5.2 inches

Goal: BPEL:8-8.5 inches; BPEG: 6 inches.

I just turned 20 and am a sophomore in college

Welcome 4evamore, you’re at the right place.

I did the same thing as you back in the 2007, and I planned to start with that new year. But, unfortunately, I didn’t start until 3 months ago. So, as you can see, I wasted a lot of time without PEing.

Headstrong gave you great advices, stick with it. And read as much as you can, because you’ll find the answers for your goals and for any other thing
Good luck.

Welcome. You’re already pretty large, so work hard and enjoy the journey and, hopefully, you’re going to be sporting a monster dick in no time! Good luck!

:_pump: :donatecar


Start slow 4evamore and do a lot of research. Start Here. This thread contains most of the link you’ll need during your P.E career and during your stay at Thunder. Wishing you all the best.

Take care,

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

You are getting lots of good advice!

You will find the kegels and jelqing you do will help you with:

- Rock hard erections
- A more defined erection

As far as this one:

- Uniform girth

You and I are no doubt built similarly, although you are much more blessed with girth. I have experience some evening out of girth over this year with pumping, but I doubt it will ever be completely even. (I did not start pumping until after a good three months on newbie routine) Some guys are just built that way, and Lampwick pointed out a real advantage to this:

Lampwick - Can pumping “even out” girth?

Originally Posted by Lampwick
There are advantages to having a slightly tapering girth distribution. You enjoy easier insertion, and it is easy to modulate how much girth you’re delivering by how deep you go.

So we may be more blessed than those guys with perfect cylinder penises.

As for this one of your goals:

- Longer lasting power (multiple orgasms?)

Take a look at this website and follow the guidelines for men. It is very short. Once you are able to go 30 minutes or so by yourself, you can last as long as you want with a partner. Practice, practice, practice!:

Edging - enhance your orgasm

Once you have mastered the techniques in that article, there is an excellent more advanced one here at Thunder’s by Cheeva:

Dick Control: A Primer

Welcome to Thunder’s!

This is great. Thanks


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