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A New Spin on a Circus Freak Technique

A New Spin on a Circus Freak Technique

OK All, I’m gonna need a little help with this one. So I just finished reading a book. In the book it talks about Circus Freaks, and how the man with the stretchy rubber skin would soak his body in oil to allow his ligaments to be stretched in that way.

This may sound far fetched, but what if the same method of soaking the skin in oil to make it stretch could be applied to your penis before you PE. I truly think something like this may be possible. If soaked long enough, couldn’t it break down your ligaments and make them spongy and less resistant?

If this sounds even slightly possible to anyone else, I need some help. I’m trying to find information on the type of oil used and the length of time the Rubber Skin Men would soak in it. So please if anyone can find any information on this old circus freak trick, please post it here or PM me.

Again, this may sound silly to some, but to me it’s a new technique, and it never hurts to experiment on new things.right?

As always,

Woodpeck Indino

Woody, besides the need to infiltrate the oil past the skin to hit the ligaments, there is the real question. Do we really want to break down our ligaments? I don’t want for sure! To lengthen them, maybe. If they become “spongy and less resistant”, then they lose their function of sustaining the unit (talking about suspensory ligaments). Do you want a dick that even erect points down to the floor?

If you think also about the tunica, that would be even worse. A plastic tunica would be the tragic end of your unit, as it never again could stay hard.

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I don’t think freak shows are a reliable source of information. However I am pretty convinced that some very fine oils can penetrate because I have felt the effect on my hands. The finest oil for penetrating the skin and mobilizing the joints is emu oil. You can buy it in pharmacies. However I have no clue of its effects on ligaments. I don’t see why they would stretch.

I was under the assumption that circus freaks used duck fat - not oil.

Is duck fat oil something that can be purchased in stores? Also where did you get this information?

Braingasm, any other oils you know of that penetrate the skin easily? What kind of oil is the one that soaked in your hands?

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