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A Necessity?

A Necessity?


I was wondering, if I just incorperate manual stretches, and jelqing, and other advanced exercises in my routine, will I see any gains?

Alot of people hang on this forum, and I’m asking myself whether it’s a necessity to hang if you plan on seeing a bigger dick anytime soon…

I now do a warm up, jelq for around 20 minutes, then I put the warm cloth back on for abit. Then before going to sleep, I warm up again, stretch for 15 minutes, warm down, and sleep. Should I just drop doing that altogether? I’ll continue until I read some posts that say I won’t be gaining anything any time soon…


Hi Biggie-Smalls, I like your handle, I almost chose NotoriousBIG when I signed up.

As far as your question; no, it’s not necessary to hang in order to see results. Some of the top gainers have never hung weights in their entire PE career. Your routine sounds very good to start with. Just be sure to stay dedicated to the schedule you choose and your dick will be growing in no time. Welcome to the forum and have fun PE’ing!

Welcome aboard my new Canadian friend! Bonjour! I love Montreal (in the summer). A little too chilly for me this time of year though.

You are on the right track. Start off responsibly, increase intensity and duration only once you have conditioned for it - almost exactly like weightlifting or any other sport. Do too much, too fast and you will get hurt. I started with the exact same program you mention above. It gave me my first gains, so yes it does work. Once you have conditioned your penis, and have read all the other wonderful posts here at Thunder’s, you will be ready to move on to more advanced exercises. Key words are patience and perseverance.

I have personally gained nearly 2” by mostly manual exercises. Pretty much the same exercises you are doing, just as my penis got conditioned I added intensity and time. Only recently have I started hanging. I still stretch at night though, and I jelq every day. I like hanging, and to be honest - I don’t see any reason a newbie could not do it right from the get-go as long as he was very careful and followed the advice in the hangers forum to the letter (experienced hangers insert objections here ________).

The only thing I see that raises my warning radar is the word “soon”. Some guys get pretty quick results, but for the large majority we are talking years not weeks. If you think of PE as a long-term project, you stand a much better chance of one day waking up with a big penis. I think I have averaged less than 1/2 inch per year, with almost no growth at all the first year. But when I look down today I am supremely glad I stuck with it - and I really don’t even remember how long it has taken or how much effort I have put in. I started at age 40, and I figured if I only got 1/4 inch a year I would add 2.5 inches by 50 and 5 inches by 60. I can live with that - because otherwise I will be 5 inches less at 60 than I would have otherwise. And since I am getting twice the success I had hoped for, it looks like I will be 5” more by 50 & 10 inches at 60???!!!! Sweet deal.

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Bonjour Biggie,

Bienvenue sur le site Thunder’s Place,

En espérant te revoir dans les Forums.


Notoris B.i.G is the man!! loL-!

yeah it is abit chilly in the winter, today was really cold, these jackets just cant keep you that warm afterall..

And bonjour stardust, je parle francais aussi! Cest toujours bon comprendre plusieurs langues!

Thanks everyone,

I second what PirateSteve said. Just keep doing what you are doing and conditioning your cock for what lies ahead. As you gain experience the direction you travel in will become more clear.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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