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A more pronouced urethra?

A more pronouced urethra?

I wanted to know if there were any exercises which makes this possible. I am doing other exercises to increase my girth and I’m also using a Penimaster. Thanks.

More pronounced urethra.. As in “the tube” on the bottom of your penis sticking out further?

Do you want a wider pee hole?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

No I don’t mean a bigger pee hole. Like thecheebaman said a the “sperm tube” which is the tube which runs along the base of the penis.

Here’s a diagram of the urethra which explains what I mean better.



But seriously, do you really a bigger pee hole? It might help to know why. Do you want things to come out easier or go in easier? Do you like the looks of a wide urethra?

Oops. Now I see your answer above. Never mind.

I think you make that bigger by just doing general girth work. Ulis, squeezes, clamping and very deliberate jelqing for girth.

You could try sounding. You’re basically putting thin smooth objects in to stretch out your pee hole little by little. They sell medical kits online. Some people do it for sexual pleasure (there are more nerve endings on the inside) but you have to be careful. I’ve read a bit about it but haven’t tried. Feel free to ask for specifics here or on PM.

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I’ll say it again, I’m not talking about the pee hole itself. I’m talking about the tube which along the underside of the penis. Is there a way to make it “stick out” more?

I believe he’s talking about the corpus spongiosum, not the urethra and from what i’ve heard it’s not easy to do but I’ve never tried to target that part.

Yeah, I am actually pretty curious too, if anyone might know how, just because about half way up my shaft the tube is kinda hard to notice :( it is however more pronounced at the base as I’m sure a lot of peoples are

Clamping with the cable clamp in certain directions and squeezes with the Power Jelq have really caused my corpus spongiosum to become more pronounced. Did not realize how pronounced until we got that mirror. When the light is just right I simply impress myself. It actually looks like a dick. There is definition all over the bottom of my shaft and I attribute it to the above exercises.


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Moderate pumping, as described in the pumping forum, has greatly increased the size of mine. It really bulges out now and accounts for alot of my girth gains.

Someone who will remain nameless, shoved tic tacs down his peehole. *I bet that would stretch it out fast enough for you.

*I’m just kidding

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