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A matter of grip.

A matter of grip.

Hi guys,

I´m having problems with the stretch exercises. The issue is: GRIP.

I just can perform the exercises grabbing THE glans, not grabbing BEHIND it. If I do that, I feel like I´m stretching nothing but skin.

My concern is about this pressure on the glans.. I think it can cause some nerve damage.

Does anyone have the same problem or any ideas to help me?

My only advice would be that to grip just behind the glans requires you to grip in “just the right way”. Keep practicing.

I would suggest a side to side form of pressure. Direct pressure to the glans or on the top part where it connects to the rest of your rod is probably not a good idea due to potential pinching of nerves as you said.

Use a cloth (or something similar) for a better grip behind the glans.

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Hey buddies,

Thanks for the answers.

Secjay, I could not figure out what do you mean with “side to side pressure”. Maybe it is a kind of grip using both hands?

I just use toilet paper, its very easy. Just fold it up a few times, than roll it behind the glans, make sure there’s some blood in it, so it provides u with something to grip behind.

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igottagrow - I mean side to side as in from your left side to your right side, as opposed to the top side to the underside. If that helps? :)

I believe the principal is the same as for how the BIB-hanger gets a good grip; compression of both the left and right CC-chamber so that some blood is trapped in the very ends of both chambers (in front of your grip), thus providing something that the grip will not slip past. Imagine that you have two long balloons that you place side by side. Then you grab around both balloons near the ends, causing them to expand, making it hard for your hand to slip further since it will only cause more expansion of the two ends.

That is how I understand it anyway.

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