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A matter of age

A matter of age

Ok PE’s I have a serious question about age, I have recently started PEing and have gained a significant amount of errection time, no real gains for now but this thread does not concern me, I will research and improve as time goes by and I’m certain I will get to the gains I desire. My question regards my little brother. I’ve noticed that his ego is significantly smaller then mine, and as opposed to me, is quite shy around the ladies. I want to introduce him to PE but he and I have very little in common and whenever I bring up the subject of sex he gets embarrassed and leaves it at the starting point. This said my concern is his age.. I am 7 years older then him, he still lives with our parents and he is fairly young.15 to be on point. Should I Waite a bit before giving him the tutorial vids? Or should I just sit him down and tell him the wonders PE can do for his ego and penile health now? I don’t want him to hurt him self at a young age and it’s not like his penis is THAT small to begin with. Vets and pros help me out here, I wanna do the kid good, and if any of you have had experience with passing the word around (to you children/siblings) pls inform me. Thanks in advance

This is very delicate, and it takes a very delicate touch. If you don’t have a delicate touch, perhaps you should hold off on talking to him directly.

Kids are often insecure and shy. I don’t think it’s a good idea to suggest PE as a solution when you really don’t know that he considers his penis to be a problem. Chances are he does, because most young guys do, but that doesn’t mean PE is the solution. Suggesting as much communicates to him that you think his penis is a problem. That’s not good.

He’s only 15, and he needs to mature. I think that having a small to average sized penis actually has some advantages. Assuming he feels insecure, that insecurity can motivate maturity, achievement, and character growth. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and at 15 he can handle a little adversity.

Offering PE to him now could short-circuit that character development. It could also give him a false hope that PE is going to rescue him from his problems. The sad fact is that most guys who do PE religiously gain only an inch or so. That’s a lot, but it probably won’t meet the expectations of a 15 year old, who will put all his hopes in the notion that a bigger dick will solve all his problems. He may spend too much of his precious youth trying to achieve that goal, instead of doing things that benefit him more in the long run. He’ll also place too much importance on his penis, which is only one of many elements of a healthy and happy life.

PE can wait.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

I was also wondering the same thing, how young is too young? My brother is 15 as well, and my goal in life is to make him better than me in every way possible. I didn’t plan on telling him anytime soon but I thought maybe in a year or two it could be a possibility. I just discovered all of this and wish I would have found it much sooner, but again I’m not sure how old one should be before starting something like this. He doesn’t have confidence or ego problems so that’s not my reasoning for introducing this to him… hell he’s probably more self confident than I am. Any opinions on the right age for starting from more experienced members would be greatly appreciated.

Until someone complains about the size of his penis and ASKS YOU WHAT CAN BE DONE you have no business bringing up the subject. A teenager has enough body issues without someone suggesting that his dick is too small.

My brother and I are really close, and pretty open about things. I guess you’d have to understand our relationship to realize that doing something like that would be appropriate.

I don’t quite know how to handle it still, but thanks for the useful information westla and modestoman, being a teenager isn’t as easy as it seems to me now that I’ve grown out of it, I just wanna give my kid brother a heads start with things but I guess ill just Waite for him to ask questions first

Kevinbacon, here is something I found useful browsing threw the site
Originaly posted by lazy wally in the Does testosterone have an effect on PE gains? Thread

During puberty, the androgen receptors (ARs) of the penis respond to increased levels of testosterone; natural growth of the penis is induced in this manner. That’s why we usually end up with an average of 5”-6” in length and not 2” as young boys do. However, after the end of puberty, those ARs entirely lose their sensitivity towards testosterone.

I posted a question in that thread and asked weather or not heightened testosterone would give you a larger unit naturally during puberty, if the answer is yes then we can avoid mentioning PE for now and just think of ways to heighten our brothers testosterone levels while their still in puberty, that would be a great alternative I think.

Naturally thunder, not with any synthetic drugs or proteins or whatever else comes to mind, I’ve seen a documentary where they use normal activities such as working out to increase testosterone levels in males, id kill my brother if I ever caught him doing stupid shit like that let alone advise him to do it, I work out regularly and I’ve never taken hormones nor products that contain them to gain muscle mass

Maybe teaching the wee guy some seduction confidence building techniques is something worth thinking on. I wish I knew those things when I was 15

For our demands most moderate are,

We only want the earth.

James Connolly

All right, I wasn’t going to post, but.well, obviously I’ve changed my mind.
Now that that’s out of the way.

The problem with this issue is that it is a philosophical one, not a practical one. Should you fuck with an already imbalanced system of hormones? Should you train him to think a bigger dick will solve girl problems? Should you suggest to him that his dick is a problem for him right now? All tough questions with valid points from all the previous posters. Here’s the skinny:

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, reacts in a different manner to different stimuli. I’ve told one of my good friends about PE, and although I knew for a fact that some of his previous girlfriends would have “appreciated” a larger package, he decided he didn’t need PE. I have already fulfilled what I thought was my responsibility by providing information for him, and then left it alone. Even though I know from his girlfriends that he’s good in bed, they still wish he had a bigger package. (I don’t request this information, btw, they offer it.)

Point is, no matter what the ladies think, he doesn’t feel he NEEDS PE. I wish I had that kind of confidence, even if it meant sacrificing some of my Stallion Power (MWAAAHHAAAHAAA!ahem, sorry.). Your bro might be the same way, who knows? His lack of confidence or his shyness may stem from some other area. Say he takes your advice, dedicates himself to PE, and miraculously puts his cock above he 9” mark. If he still feels uncomfortable speaking, it ain’t gonna help him a bit. What’s he going to do, just skip the talking and just drop his pants? That will only work on the school sluts, and although that can be nice for a while, not a good habit to engender.

He needs to gain confidence before he gains inches. There’s no simple solution to this, and since you’re his brother, you know him better than anyone here. As I said, everyone responds differently. I personally was never lacking in the confidence factor, but saw it in a lot of my friends when I was younger. One of my friends’ entire personality changed when his dad took him hunting for the first time. Just the control over the power of a gun in his hands gave him more confidence in his life. Another friend of mine is diabetic, and when one of his diabetic camp friends died in high school, he really opened up. That event told him that yes, he actually will die one day, and for him it might be sooner than later, might as well live with it instead of hiding behind it. People lose confidence for reasons just as varied.

Just help him build confidence first, by being with him when he excels with things he loves, and introduce him to new things that you think he might love to excel at. Try “manly” things like paintball, or playing pool, or go to Dave and Buster’s to play some VR games, anything to get his cockjuices flowing. Try some “intellectual” things like checking out the Discovery channels, National Geographic, reading some really good books, anything to get his mindjuices flowing. Hell, get him drunk and hook him up with a hottie, let him have an experience that he can build on, even if he can’t remember all of it. Who knows? We don’t but you might.

But most importantly, you need to make sure he’s having or has had sex before bringing up PE. Experience breeds familiarity, and familiarity breeds confidence. If he has neither familiarity or experience, then talking about PE might make him close up more, might make him hate you for your assumptions, or might make his head explode. You just don’t know how he’ll actually take it, hell, he might be grateful.

For now, my suggestion is just to observe. Only intervene when you see his behavior actually becoming a problem. If he starts doing poorly in school, starts having fights with his friends, or only has friends meeker than himself, etc., etc. Until it BECOMES a problem, don’t treat it like a problem.

Of course, you could sidestep all that and just give him information withOUT treating it like a problem. Just come out and tell him about PE as it pertains to you, give him an anecdote about an experience. Tell him about the girl before and the same girl after (you all know you all want to try it, dammit. Just for revenge. See, bitch?! See what you missin’ out on now!! HAHAAAAHAHAHAAAAA!ahem, sorry again) Leave Thundersplace up on the computer right before he walks up to it. Just deliver it in a manner that is not directly connected with HIM. I.e., don’t say, “Hey bro. Check it out, max out your wrench, man.” Unless he asks you about it. Then that might be okay.

God, this is a novel of a post.sorry, almost done.

Just get his overall confidence up a little, and then find some subtle way to pique his interest to where he asks you about PE. When I was trying to get my friend to try PE, I had my wife tell him about the benefits of my doing it (even though I had her stretch the truth a little bit.wait, wait, did I make a funny? I think I did, yes.) in normal conversation. Normal conversation around my house almost always melts into a flan of sexual discussion, you see. He asked about it, but still decided against it.

You know better than we do about his personality and how to specifically go about it, just be aware of the can you might be opening. Sorry about the long post, I hope it helps.

Oop, one more quick thing.

Be confident about your own PE, should the occasion arise to speak on the topic. A lot of guys are reluctant to let anyone else know about their own PE, be it their friends or their partner. Think of it like this, If a woman had a series of exercises they could do to perfect their breasts naturally, painlessly, and permanently, would men begrudge them those exercises? No, we’d be all about it. Not to mention if you are discussing PE with people, then they know it is virtually guaranteed that you have a larger than normal cock. (If other people knowing that stuff matters to you at all) AND girls will notice that you take time and dedication to do something that mainly benefits them, and those kinds of behaviors don’t go unremembered.

Okay, okay, I’ll stop talking now. Good luck with your brother.

Thatcat, there is lots of very good advice in this thread! No one can say conclusively what is right or wrong for you to do, you have the information to decide for yourself. One mistake we all make frequently is thinking that because something is good for us, it will be good for everyone else.

My personal opinion is that 15 year olds have enough to think about without getting into PE. Getting into sports is probably better for self-confidence and overall health when still growing.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Thanks for the effort guys!

I made my decision and I’m not mentioning PE to him at all. For the time being I am focusing on spending more time with him and showing him the finer things in life. All of the advice posted here is much appreciated.

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