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A loss in gains


A loss in gains

I started around 15 September with the Newbie Routine for the sole purpose of improving my EQ. I did the Newbie Routine for about 5.5 weeks. I would only jelq with a flaccid penis and I stuck to the 2 on, 1 off routine with lots of heat before and after PE. I grew from 6.625” NBPEL to 7”NBPEL. So I started adding more jelqs and more stretches. I upped my routine quite a bit and I started doing a lot more stretching, heating, and jelqing. As of Friday I was doing 10 min of heat, 10-20 min of stretching, 20 min of jelgs, 5 or so min post-workout stretching, and 10 min of heat. I measured this past weekend and I’m back to 6.625” NBPEL.

Does anyone have any ideas where I went wrong? I’m thinking about taking a week off because the ligs on my right side are a little sore and then starting with the Newbie Routine again.

Losing gains after increasing workload is a negative PI, try to take a week off, then go back to the newbie routine as you used to at first.

PI, is that a Penis Injury? I looked in the glossary and I couldn’t find PI. If so, how have I been injured? With the exception of a ligament that feels sore nothing feels hurt.

Search for Physiologi Indicators.

If you’re losing gains as a newbie and you’ve only been at it for 12 weeks… Then your penis wasn’t actually 7”. It was temporary gains, the ones which go away as soon as you stop, like with pumping. I know a lot of guys like tho think that it’s real and permanent but fast results only feed the ego and disappear fast. That doesn’t mean you’ll never hit 7” it just means that maybe gains are going to be slower than this.

If the Newbie routine was working for you then that’s what you need to go back to. Don’t do more! In fact as newbie you should be doing less and concentrating on resting until your penis is fully recovered and then jelqing and stretching it again. It that means you need to take 2-3 days off after your PE days then do it. Don’t force yourself to stick to 2 on 1 off or whatever if you need rest. If you can PE more than 3 days a week with the same routine then maybe you can consider doing more, depending on how well you recover.

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Temporary gains go away as soon as you stop or, in this case, when you start overtraining? I see now how the temporary gains fed my ego. I made some gains and decided to up my regime rather quickly at the 5-6 week mark. I did see some positive effects even though I was overtraining. My EQ went way up. My dick was harder than ever. And my flaccid size also increased. I am assuming that I have a well conditioned penis and when I restart with the Newbie Routine I plan on decreasing the amount of rest days after about a month and/or adding more stretching.

After I come off my break and I start with the Newbie Routine can I expect to see those temporary gains come back or is that too difficult to answer? I plan on do more measuring this time in order better track my negative and positive PIs.

Originally Posted by DrKNoisewater

. I did the Newbie Routine for about 5.5 weeks.. I grew from 6.625” NBPEL to 7”NBPEL.

Ok how do you know for a fact, that you held the tape measure in the same exact , identical , unequivocal ,beyond a shadow of doubt ,the same exact spot.:) Those are none bone pressed measurements ?

Because I’ve measured from that spot my whole life. I did BPEL as well. I started at a little under 7” and finished at 7.125” before losing gains. I’ve taken time off and am restarting with the Newbie Routine. From now on all my measurements will be recorded as BPEL. Should I measure after PEing or on rest days? I feel like I get my best erections right after PEing but I don’t want to skew my measurements. How often do you all measure?

P.S. I just PEed and I measured by pressing the ruler (a metal tape measure) as hard against my pubic bone as possible. I even took a photo just for my own future reference.

To be honest, telling us that you increased your jelqs to 20 minutes doesn’t help to understand how much you are actually doing. This because, everyone takes this different time to complete their jelqing session, ‘cause keeping the right erection level it’s pretty hard, especially for you (and me) that just started. If you don’t have ANY problems keeping the erection up for the whole section, 20 minutes is definetly too much to begin with. I take 20 minutes to do 150/170 jelqs, cause i lose a couple of minutes edging a bit, bringin’ the right level up. Everyone is different.

I just did my first month of PE and overtrained like you, but just because i didn’t give enough time to my penis to recover from excercise, having multiple time sex on days on and also in days off. My dick is just new to this kind of stress and doesn’t want both things now. I was really excited on the gains i had and on my EQ which was exploding. But after few days of no rest i found myself with a smaller flaccid, loss of EQ and also loss of gains.

People usually measure themselves every three months. U should measure yourself on rest days to see if you really gained something.

How many jelqs can you do in 20 minutes? Do you count them or just jelq for the amount of time?

And no, you are not conditioned.

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I didn’t count before. I restarted with the Newbie Routine and I did roughly 200 in 10 minutes. I didn’t have an erection as information I read advised against jelqing with an erection at first. When I jelq I focus on keeping pressure on the sides and I try to do each stroke for three seconds.

Can I upload a pic of me measuring so you veterans can review it and tell me if I’m measuring correctly?

This is what happens when people get greedy. You had a good thing going, why did you change things up? If it is working, that is what your body will work to.
Your work out was working with your unit, but what you did was interrupt a flow. Changing things up in PEing is okay when you change your schedule,
because your body/penis will learn your schedule. Ask a body builder and him/her will tell you the same. We put a lot of stress and trauma on our units,
but if things start working, let it work it self out. Even if things slow down, stay with the same routine or take a small break and resume with the same routine.
PEing is so simple, you just have to use the head on your shoulders. If it is working, keep doing what you are doing.

The newbie routine in my opinion is the best tool here. It has been proven by many members here, including myself and the other forums. When I knew it was my time to go on to
the more advanced exercises, I never left the Newbie Routine. I used it as a warm up before the advanced exercises, but that was when I knew I was conditioned
to do the advanced exercises. Some here make things so complicated to the point of plateauing. Take a break and let your unit rest but do squeezes and piss pulls
during your break. Give it a week or two. Don’t take the bottle away from the baby too quickly, you will know when to wean it off.

The secrete is time off to let your penis repair it self, but to exercise and exercise will only slow things down. Resting should be more talked about here. The more one rests
his unit after exercising the faster the gains, but everybody is different. I feel that letting you cock repair will decrease the chance of callousing your sensitive areas as well.

Read my thread, I post about rest time. I gained very quickly when I found my niche. I no longer PE and never lost gains.

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One more thing, firegoat and I tell many here that quantity is not better, quality is the way to go. Good 20 quality jelqs are better than 80 jelqs. think about it. It makes a lot of sense.

In case you’re still interested I restarted PE today with the Newbie Routine. I jelqed for 10 mintues with a 50-60% erection. I did 170 jelqs and focused on applying pressure to the sides starting a new jelq before releasing the one at the glands. The only I did differently was I used IGF 350 and DMSO to supplement my recovery time. I’ll stay with this until plateau.

Do you see any flaws with this?

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