A little TOO happy with myself .

So I’m a noob (vengence!) hardly 3 weeks into serious PE, I’ve had multiple breakthroughs in wrapping, clamping and as of yesterday using the Phallosan bell with a thicker silicon sleeve that has worked WONDERS in comfort and duration. I don’t want to promote Phallosan because in my experience they failed MISERABLY at delivering what they promised and their customer service is non existent. However I was able to jerry rig parts of their system with other devices and net result I can now comfortably hang 10 - 15lbs for as long as I want with much fewer breaks.

So, the problem I’m now having is that I get semi chub while I hang!!

I’m having a great tug and about 5 min into the session I can feel my penis starting to get hard, it never, I should say I never let it get to an erection or even 50% but I’m now cutting my sessions down and taking breaks because of wood! My EQ I’d say has improved through out the day in general, if I was and 8 before I’m now a 9 to weak 10 (lets face it at 18 years old, that’s a true “10” and I’m more than 20 years passed 18)

Has anyone experienced this? And whats up with that? I really hate to complain about easy hard ons .. But it’s hindering my mission. (Vengeance!)